10 Easy to do BABY Embroidery design motifs

Information overload – that is what happens when I look for some embroidery designs suitable for sewing on baby clothes. All the children’s embroidery designs are so adorable. I usually want to embroider all of them – and then a slight headache starts in the back of my head – this is what I mean by information overload or rather super cute design overload.

I really do not mind this confusion – it is a bittersweet one. But work does not get done and the selection process goes on and on.

So here I have compiled some easy to do embroidery designs suitable for baby clothes and accessories. Something for me to take decision faster, from the confusion pit of embroidery designs.

Simple Baby embroidery designs 

1. A basket full of something 

This could be flowers, fruits, grass stalks or simply the basket itself.

baby embroidery designs

Here the outline of the basket is done in stem stitches and the inside markings are worked with blanket stitches. The carrots are made with orange bullion knots. Learn how to sew Bullion knot stitch here.

baby embroidery motifs

You can change the basket contents to simple french knots which look like embroidered roses if you want simple. You can add cherries to the basket, too, or for that matter anything.

baby embroidery designs free

2. Bears 

Kids cherish Teddy bears and mothers delight in embroidering baby bears on their clothes.

baby embroidery motifs

You can simply sew the outline of the bear with any outline stitch or fill the design with satin stitch or long and short stitch.

free baby embroidery designs

3. Flowers

Flowers are always favorite for embroidery. Check out this post on the 20+ ways to embroider flowers. Choose simple flowers to embroider on kids’ clothes – nothing overwhelming. Simple bullion knot flowers are usually used in almost all smocked dresses.

embroider flowers

Or these simple floral embroidery designs or the small and cute flower embroidery designs from this post.

small embroidery designs

4. Sunbonnet Sue 

Can kids’ clothes and quilts be complete without Sunbonnet Sue? The cheerful girl in colorfully printed clothes can be recreated with embroidery easily. Use a background embroidery stitch to fill the dress and hat.

baby embroidery motifs

Here I have used butterfly stitches to make up the dress. To make this stitch just make straight stitches like this. Check out the post on background stitches if you want to know more stitches like this.

baby embroidery patterns

Tie the straight stitches in bunches.

baby embroidery designs

5. Ducks

Most babies have a duckie to play in the bath and the duck also makes a good embroidery motif. 

embroidery designs for baby clothes

6. Embroidered letters

Sometimes some words have to be embroidered to convey your feelings. You can easily hand embroider words and letters. Write the letters freehand or copy from a design book. Give outline with your favorite outline stitch.

embroidery designs for kids

Check out the post on embroidering letters for more details.

easy to make baby embroidery designs

7. Silhouettes

Draw a silhouette of a design and fill away. Ensure that the design is less than 1/2 inch or so if you want the completed work to look less like a mummy.

simple baby embroidery designs

A pompom gives the rabbit his tail. Make one by wrapping the embroidery floss on your little forefinger and tying it as in the picture below. Stitch it and then cut one end to make the pom pom. Fluff till it resembles a ball. Or you can make a felted ball/bead – check out the tutorial here.

baby embroidery designs

8. Butterflies

Butterflies are ever favorites. You can run away with your creativity choosing the colors of the butterfly. They are available in all the color combinations possible. 

baby embroidery motifs

You can find some easy ways to do butterfly embroidery here.

butterfly embroidery

9. Hearts

A heart denotes love and what better motif to sew on the clothes for the love of our hearts.

10. The baby herself

An outline of the baby can be drawn easily and turned into your embroidery. Just highlight a feature and you will be fine. If you want to turn a photo to embroidery check out this post.

baby embroidery design

My cutie pie looked like this when she was 3. 

You are free to improve on these simple motifs (In fact you will have to because they are that simple and you may  want a more elaborate design) and add your own simple additions like a trellis there, a house here, some flowers here and there, some grass stalks sticking from the back and crows in the background ( which was a staple in my drawings and embroidery when I didn’t know better; not that I know much better now)

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baby frock pattern

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