Make an A-line frock – Sewing Pattern & Tutorial for small girls/babies

Learn easy cutting and stitching of A-line frocks suitable for babies as well as older kids up to 12 years

aline frock patter for girls

An Aline dress is one of the simplest of all frocks for a little girl – for her to wear and for you to sew. The frock flares nicely towards the hem in a smooth A-silhouette, while being fitted at the upper bodice, allowing all the freedom of movement that a little girl wants

How to sew the Aline frock for small kids

Step 1  Cut out the pattern pieces

Front bodice pattern

To make this simple frock pattern, Chest round is the most important measurement you have to take on the body of the child. Measure the chest 1 inch below the armpit. All the other measurements are as per the table given below. (The age given in the table is just an indication – your child’s measure maybe below or above this – which is totally alright.) The length of the frock can be taken  just above the knee.

aline frock pattern


baby girl aline frock pattern

Back bodice pattern is cut by the center fold (along K -B) to make two pieces, so that there is an opening in the center back for the aline frock.  

frock pattern for baby girl

aline frock for kids

Step 2 Join shoulder seams of front and back patterns

Step 3 Bind the armholes with bias stripes and join the side seams

Check out the post on making bias tape here and how to sew bias binding tape

aline frock for kids

Step 4 Finish the back opening

You need to make the hook and eye placket here 

You can alternatively sew buttons and buttonholes instead of hooks and eye on this placket. 

Making the placket part is really simple. Simply cut 2 pieces of fabric strips 2 inches wide and length equalling the back opening length

kids frock cutting and stitching

Join each strip to either sides of the back opening right sides  together. Now turn One side strip to the inside and stitch in place after turning under the edge.

The other side strip should be folded to the outside – this will be projecting out so that you can attach the eyes for the hooks or form a stand for the buttons. Check out the posts on sewing buttonholes and sewing hooks and eye

make frock pattern

Step 5 Bind the neckline and sew the hem

I added a small binding at the hem for a contrasting and interesting effect, instead of just turning the hem inside and stitching.

Step 6 Sew the buttons  or the hooks to the back of the opening

If you decide on buttons they are to be added to the projecting stand. Hooks will be stitched to the back of the opening . 

baby girl frock design pattern

A-line frock design variations.

There are many ways that you can change the design of the basic Aline frock.

The easiest is to add a band of fabric by the center front fold line. You can add lace as well this way .

The second idea is to make a yoke in a different fabric. To cut this pattern, make the basic Aline frock pattern on paper and then cut it the way you want the yoke to be. Add seam allowances and then cut the fabric according to this new pattern.


baby girl frock pattern

Lace can be added to the aline frock in so many different ways 

aline frock pattern

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