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What type of maternity clothes should you wear during pregnancy?

maternity clothing must haves

Shopping for maternity clothes used to be something many pregnant women dreaded; for one, shopping can be very taxing for an already stressed-out person. And then, they feared they would not find any comfortable AND attractive options to choose from. Most of the clothes on offer would be baggy or tent-like, which are comfortable but makes one feel just that – tent-like.

But these are not true anymore – there are many options for pregnancy and post-pregnancy attire.

What Constitutes Maternity Clothing

Maternity clothing included Pregnancy Clothes & Post Pregnancy Clothes.

What clothes to buy when you are pregnant

However you hate shopping or you do not want to spend more on top of an already tight budget, you will need to purchase a few essential clothes to accommodate that growing bump, particularly as you advance in your pregnancy. There is a baby growing inside you and the body needs to be comfortable, with this.

Here is a list of absolute musts in a pregnant woman’s wardrobe.


Choose a maternity dress made of a soft cotton knit. Wrap dresses made of stretch jersey that accommodate the bigger size is always preferred.

You can also go for form-fitting maternity dresses, if you have had enough of large, loose clothes. Many pregnant mothers find that wearing a form-fitting dress highlighting their expanding belly makes them feel more confident.

Loose tunics

Maternity tops and tunics with an empire waistline and has gathers at waistline has enough ease around the belly.

Maternity leggings and elastic waist stretchy pants.

These are life savers. Maternity leggings can provide optimal comfort as the baby bump grows. You won’t regret owning at least a few pairs, whether you use them to stroll around the house or attend prenatal yoga. You can pair them with a hip length tunic or loose tshirts or even knee length dresses.

They lengthen your legs, especially in a dark color.

Maternity Jeans

Wearing anything restrictive and tight around your growing tummy is not recommended. So if you are a jeans person, get yourself maternity jeans.

The majority of maternity jeans contain 1% to 2% spandex, so they stretch. Additionally, they are equipped with a smooth, flexible panel that covers your belly to keep you comfortable the entire time.

Switch from regular jeans to maternity jeans once you begin to feel them tight around the waist. Typically, it occurs around the beginning of the second trimester.

Maternity Bra
One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is the sensitivity of the breasts. Sore, painful breasts are not unheard of as you advance in your pregnancy, so you must ensure the breasts are comfortable.

By the end of your pregnancy, you might go up one or two cup sizes, so consider getting appropriately sized bras that are comfortable and soft on the skin. Go for bras that are soft but supportive and without underwire. Maintaining support and comfort for your breasts as they expand is crucial.

When you get to the third trimester, consider buying nursing bras that open at the front so that nursing is convenient.

Maternity Underwear
Depending on your preference, you may find maternity underwear in a variety of styles, including high-waisted, low-waisted, and even as a thong. It’s a good idea to have some black or navy “granny panties” to accommodate your bigger body. Stick to breathable fabrics like cotton or cotton blends with a higher percentage of natural fibers.


Long Jackets and cardigans that keep you warm and cover everything.

Pregnant bodies and choosing clothing

There are two types of pregnant women – Those who are carrying low and those who are carrying high.

These body types and their peculiarities should be taken into consideration when putting together suitable maternity outfits. 

Carrying High

This refers to the position of the baby – here, the baby is placed high on the abdomen. This points to good tight toned abdominal muscles and is said to be the most comfortable. But that is not in our hands. So once you are carrying high, you can have your pick of comfortable clothes.

You can wear skirts made of cotton jerseys or a maxi dress.  Empire waist style clothes which are tighter and clinched at the waist just under breasts may be uncomfortable.

Select a maxi dress in a light fabric with a striking color or design.

Tops and tunics that you wear will ride up because your belly is high up there, so buy longer ones.

If you are the shy type and do not want to be the talking point about pregnancy everywhere you go, you may want to wear dark clothes that will tone down – because carrying high means a very noticeable bump.

Carrying Low

This is supposed to be less comfortable than carrying high, as the baby lies low on your abdomen. ( I am not really clear on that because for my first pregnancy, I was carrying high, and for the second, I was carrying low, and both were uncomfortable. But there was more back pain in the latter)

You will find that you cannot find skirts and pants that go over your bump. Elastic waist pants and loose tunics are the best clothes for pregnant ladies carrying low.

What an expectant mother should look out for when planning to buy maternity clothes
The best thing a would-be mother can do is to invest in a few versatile core pieces of apparel. While pregnant, keep the weather and the changing seasons in mind. Keep in mind that following the birth, you will likely continue to wear some of your maternity clothes.

Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy, and your clothes should be bought keeping in mind all these changes. In order to make it simple for you, I have compiled a few points that will help you during maternity shopping.

Comfort should be the priority
During pregnancy, your main priority should be body comfort— for both you and the developing baby inside. Jeans, tight trousers, synthetic dresses, heels – all those should be packed for wearing a lot later

Pregnancy clothing plays a significant role in providing comfort throughout pregnancy, especially during the last trimester, when things may not be going very smoothly for you. Your large belly is probably giving you backaches, leg aches, and whatnot, and you want comfortable clothes on you that will ease all the discomfiture that pregnancy entails already.

Stretchable waistbands, ease of using fasteners (no fiddling with complicated buttons), and front open features are some of those that you would want to look out for.

You might also need to buy maternity clothes that are convenient for feeding your kid – so those with a front opening will be preferred.

Choose materials that are stretchy and breathable
In order to provide ease of movement, relaxation, and comfort to both the mother and the child, material selection is essential. Synthetic materials (nylon/acrylic) should be avoided because they are unbreathable and might cause irritation or rashes on sensitive skin.

Select breathable fabrics like wool, cotton, linen, or silk. Choose natural fabrics with some elastane fibers incorporated so that they have enough elasticity to accommodate your changing body. These fabrics will not immediately heat you up, and your skin and baby will thank you for it.

Check size of clothing
Your physique changes quickly while pregnant.  In the second trimester, when your baby will start needing more room inside the womb, you can prepare ahead of time by simply purchasing one size larger. You won’t need to constantly switch out your maternity wear if there is some additional room for comfort in the following months. Nothing is more crucial than remembering that the appropriate maternity clothes must allow enough room for the expanding belly.


A pregnant person is beautiful, and appropriate maternity attire need not be limited to those that cover up every trace of your pregnancy. You should not be ashamed to flaunt your belly bump because it is your biggest strength. It’s an occasion to dress differently from usual but not lesser attractive. Choose what makes you feel fantastic, comfortable, and proud, and you will be a happy mom.

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