Brazilian Embroidery

Brazilian embroidery is a very colorful embroidery technique in which traditional embroidery stitches are used to work floral designs in multicolors. In this style of embroidery dimensional floral designs are worked with a very shiny thread to create stunning works of art.

From what I have read, I do not think that this embroidery has anything to do with Brazil as such other than as the place of origin of the glossy rayon thread used in this work.

The vibrancy of the colors used in this embroidery and the dimensional stitches are the most important characteristics of this work. It is used to embellish clothes as well as household linen.

What fabric is used in Brazilian Embroidery?

As opposed to counted thread embroidery work which can be done only on evenweave fabric this can be done on any fabric – so, be it cotton or a cotton blend or a knit or your denim, you can do the brilliant Brazilian embroidery on it. On white silk the work can look brilliant. Whatever you are using, preshrink before embroidering. Use a backing – a stabilizer or a thin cotton fabric – to give strength if you are using thin material.

What thread is best with brazilian embroidery?

A glossy Rayon floss (z twist) or a less shiny Perle cotton thread (S twist) can be used for making the stitches used in this work. Rayon floss is the preferred thread.

It is very easy to design and do this embroidery work as you do not even need any formal design. Just full in the design space with dimensional stitches in the shape of the design.

Several traditional embroidery stitches are used in this style.

brazilian embroidery

1. Bullion stitch – Learn how to make perfect bullion stitches here.

2. Cast-on stitches – Learn more on cast-on stitches here.

3. Buttonhole stitch – Learn different variations of blanket stitch here.

4. Stem stitch / Outline stitch – Learn how to do stem stitch and outline stitch here.

5. Pistil stitch – Learn how to do pistil stitch here.

6. Pinwheel roses – Learn how to make this in this post on embroidering roses

7. Fishbone stitch – this is used to work the leaves; You can learn more about the different types of stitches used to embroider leaves here

8.French knots – Learn how to make french knots here.

9. Lazy Daisy stitch – learn how to embroider with lazy daisy stitches

All the precautions you take while doing other embroideries like stretching the fabric on a hoop, using the best needles are taken when doing this embroidery. You can learn more about doing embroidery on fabric – with frequently asked questions and answers regarding needles, thread etc here.

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