Rosette Chain Stitch

Updated on October 18, 2022 by Sarina Tariq

rosette chain stitch

This is a variation of the versatile chain stitch. This stitch is done in a sequence, with twisted chain stitches.

This is a beautiful stitch, with small motifs interconnected. It can be used to make border stitches. You can make beautiful 3D flowers with this stitch when done around a circle in layers. It is also used along the edge of applique work for beautiful texture.

How to make a Rosette chain stitch

Pull up the needle to the top of the fabric at 1.Now go about 1/8 inch or so to the left of the point 1 and Insert the needle at 2 and come up a little down at 3. Donot pull out.

rosette chain stitch

Bring the thread over the needle and wrap behind the needle.

Now bring up the thread, making a loop.

rosette chain stitch

Take up the needle fully out. A loop is formed now.

rosette chain stitch

Bring up the needle through the top right stitch as in the picture. This will make the stitch secure. You may need to hold the stitch as you pull it to keep it stable.

rosette chain stitch

How to make 3D flowers with rosette chain stitch

To make this flower you should draw two or three circles, one inside the other, as in the picture below. You should make the stitches on the outer circle first.Then when the the circle is fully worked, start making the circle on the inner circle, overlapping the stitches of the first circle. If there are three circles you can fill the inner circle with french knots or  bead.

rosette chain stitch rosette chain stitch rosette chain stitch rosette chain stitch

The flower will look like this. 

rosette chain stitch


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