15 beautiful but easy to make 3D Embroidery Flowers

3d flower embroidery

Embroidered flowers are beautiful. But sometimes you want some more pizzazz to your work. You want your flowers to look real, stand out, not lie flat. Here cometh the 3 D embroidered flowers. Nothing too complicated as they sound – beautiful and almost as eye popping and original looking as real flowers

The best 3 dimensional looking embroidered flowers 

1 Tassel flowers

3 d flower embroidery

These are flowers made with simple thread bunches cut to the shape of flowers – the same way we make tassels

Wrap embroidery floss around two of your fingers some 15-20 times . Take it out and keep on the fabric.Use a hand needle and green thread to secure the thread at the base of the flower. Make horizontal stitches as well as vertical stitches to thoroughly secure them. 

how to make tassel flowers

2 Fringe flowers

3 d embroidery technique for flowers

These flowers are made by making satin stitches all around the flower center. Secure the satin stitches with back stitches over the satin stitches near the center. (Otherwise the thread will get loose) After the stitching is done, cut the stitches at the periphery. You have real looking flowers. As sunflowers these look really real

( The lint of embroidery floss is annoying; keep a brush handy and a hand vacuum ready.) 

3d flowers in embroidery

3 Loop flowers

3d flowers diy

These flowers are made by making small loops all around the flower center.

Make a circle drawing where you want the flower. Make another circle inside. As can be seen in the picture, the loops are started from the outer circle. Make loops ( you can make turkish knot stitch as in this tutorial on knot stitches or simple loops as I have done) all around. Change colours after two rows or so. 

4 Pom Pom flowers

pom pom 3d flowers

Pom pom flowers are made just the same way that yarn pom poms are made.

I wrapped embroidery thread around my middle finger some 20 rounds and took it out and tied yarn/thread around  the middle tightly. Then using a sharp scissors ( I couldnt find my sharp scissors and which is why my pom poms looks more like wild chrysanthemums rather than a neatly made pom pom, which is ok for me. Perfection is not my thing) cut the side  loops. Shape the pom poms. Secure them to the fabric with a hand needle and thread. 

More on making perfect pompom through different methods outlined in this tutorial – 6 ways to make a pompom 

5 Woven flowers

3d flower embroidery

These are the real 3 Dimensional flowers; They pop out like real flowers do.

Make a small circle where you want the flower center to be. Now keep a pin inserted where you want the petal tip to be. You will be weaving the petals on thread wrapped on this pin. Wrap the thread as in the picture below. Start weaving the needle and thread in and out( never penetrating the fabric at any point) When you reach the flower center circle, insert the needle to the back and secure. Remove the pin now. You have a beautiful and original looking petal ready. Make similar petals all around the center

3 d flower embroidery tutorial

6 Cast on stitch embroidery flowers

3 flower embroidery diy tutorial

This is my most favourite 3D embroidery flower. It is  easy to make as well. Cast on stitch flowers are an important part in Brazilian embroidery designs. In Brazilian embroidery, these flowers are made with very shiny rayon thread and they look beautiful with the textured effect.

3 D flowers

7 Bullion stitch flowers

bullion stitch design

Bullion knots are as 3 dimensional as they come. Infact if you make bullion knot loops they really pop out. Checkout the tutorial on making beautiful bullion knot stitches here

8 French knot flowers


filling stitch french knot

French knot stitch also creates a 3 dimensional look to any flower you make with this stitch. The raised stitch gives a beautiful texture to embroidery filled with it. Checkout the tutorial to make french knot stitches here.

9 Rosette chain flowers

rosette chain stitch

rosette chain stitch

10 Spider web roses

how to make a rose in embroidery

These flowers are made by weaving the thread around straight stitches made around a circle. You can use yarn, floss or ribbon to make these flowers. They stand out  stunningly from the surface of the fabric and looks original like you expect a 3 D flower to.Checkout other different ways to make embroidered roses here. 

rose embroidery

11 Kadai Kamal flowers

3 d flower embroidery

This is a type of flower made by weaving thread the same as the earlier one. Here fine thread is chosen and mostly variegated thread which gives a beautiful effect to the work

kadai kamal flowers

12. Ribbon embroidery flowers

ribbon flowers diy tutorial

Ribbon flowers; they are the ultimate 3-dimensional flowers you can make ofcourse. The texture and dimension given by ribbons are something else. Checkout the different ways for making ribbon flowers here and the different types of ribbons to make them as well as the different basic ribbon embroidery stitches. 

tibbon embroidery flowers

Also check out the post on making ribbon roses – 6 types you can easily make

ribbon rose making diy

ribbon flowers

13 Bead embroidery flowers

Beadwork can create beautiful flowers with a 3 d effect. Check out the post on the 10 easy to make bead embroidery flower motifs for more details.

bead embroidery flowers

14 Metallic  embroidery flowers

Zardosi embroidery work uses metallic bullion thread to make the stitches. This thread is the ultimate in texture. You can have a look at the different types of metallic thread you can use here. Checkout the zardosi embroidery work tutorial for details on how to make 3-dimensional padded flowers as well as loop flowers 

zardosi work

15. Fabric flowers

Fabric flowers are the ultimate in texture. Make these easy flowers and attach them for the ultimate 3D look. Check out the  tutorials for flower making for step by step instructions to make 10 types of flowers – like Hydrangea, 5 petal flowers, bougainvillea etc

make flowers with fabric

how to make fabric roses

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