Rosette : 4 easy ways to make rosettes for badges, brooches etc

Learn how to create rosettes, which are ornamental and decorative fabric folded to form a flat rose shape and can be attached to all your accessories


What is a Rosette?

A Rosette is a fabric flower made by pleating or gathering fabric to make it look like a rose flower. It is usually used to make cockades which are badges worn as a mark of honor or accomplishment and also as an embellishment on clothes, on hair accessories, on bags and purses – you name it and you can add a rosette to it.

You can buy these cute rosettes available in shops.

ready made store bought rosettes

But the fun is in the making, right?. 

Here are some easy ways to make these rosettes so that you can use them up in all your projects

DIY Rosettes 

Beaded rosette

make a Rosette with ribbons with beaded center

This rosette is made by making a beaded circle first and then attaching pleated ribbon around it to make it look like a rosette.

beads and the base fabric for creating the middle portion for the rosette

Make a base for the beaded circle by cutting our a circle shaped fabric piece – do the beading on it leaving a 1/4 inch along the edge without beading (for turning to the back).

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You can use a stiff fabric or interfacing piece on the back, make gathering stitches along the edge and turn the edge of the beaded fabric to the back and stitch in place.

form the base with a piece of canvas and felt

Your beaded medallion is ready.

make a middle portion of the rosette with beads

Get some pretty ribbon to match your medallion

making rosettes with beads and ribbon

Now fold ribbon as in the picture below. Make running stitches with hand sewing needle and thread along the lower edge over the pleats. 

pleat the ribbon

Gather to a length fitting the medallion round.

gather the pleated ribbon edges to look like the rosette

Arrange the pleated ribbon into a circle and keep the beaded medallion in the center and stitch in place. 

Fabric Rosette

satin rosette

This is a fabric rosette you can make with a long strip of fabric. I have cut a 29 inch long fabric (satin) piece, which is 4 inches on one end and 2 inches on the other. I also cut 2 circles from green satin to make leaves.

Fold a wide satin fabric by the middle

Fold the short edges to the inside, fold the fabric by the middle and make slip stitches to join the edges.

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Fold the side edges to the inside and slip stitch in place
both the edges of the ribbon finished with hand stitches

Fold the short edge to the inside in a triangle shape as in the picture below and stitch in place.

Fold one short edge of the satin fabric strip to the inside

With the same needle and thread make running stitches along the edge.

Make gathering stitches along the long cut edges

Gather by tightening the stitches – curl as in a rose flower. Stitch the flower at the back to keep everything together.

Tighten the gathering stitches and fold the fabric into  a rosette shape

Arrange the fabric to look like a flower.

Sew the rosette shaped satin fabric strip

To make leaves, fold the circle shapes twice, and then stitch along the bottom edge and gather. Stitch the edge firmly to keep the leaf shape. The pictures given below are self explanatory.

circle of fabric which is then folded to form a leaf

Get a base for your rosette and keep the leaves on it and stitch in place.

Sew the leaves to a base

Place your rosette on this and stitch it there.

Pleated fabric rosette

rosettes made by pleating draped fabric

To make this rosette, you need a stiff paper and fabric which is bigger than the base – when the pleating is done this will be adjusted.

Pleat the fabric vertically and horizontally and stitch the pleats in place with loose stitches.

Pleat a piece of fabric and sew to a base

Keep this pleated fabric on top of the paper (cut in a circle shape or hexagonal shape) and stitch it at the back.

sew the folded fabric to the back and  sew in place

Now carefully remove the pleat stitches and arrange the pleats by pinching the middle and curling the fabric, being careful that you are not undoing your pleats too much.

draped and folded rosette

Stitch the new folds and pleats in the shape of petals on your rosette. (Make sure that the stitches are not visible on the outside)

Frayed fabric rosettes

diy rosette made from frayed fabric edges

This rosette is made by cutting about 30 inch long and 1 to 1 1/2  inch wide strip of fabric and fraying one edge. You can harden the other edge with flame from a lighter or candle (be careful) so that, that edge would not fray.

You also need a base material to stitch the fabric strip onto (Felt is always my choice). 

for the rosette gather a long length of frayed fabric, a base fabric and needle and thread

Start curling the frayed fabric from the middle, and stitching it there.

start curling the ribbon on the base from the middle

You should be stitching the strip as in the picture below, so that the frayed edge will stand up.

Sew the frayed fabric ribbon on to the base with hand stitches

Cut off extra material.

You can make these rosettes without fraying the strip too much and it will still look pretty good.

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