How to make Beaded Patches

Step-by-step tutorial to create patches using beads, that can be used for creating unique and personalized embellishments

beaded patches diy tutorial

Step 1.

The base of your beaded patch can be cut out of felt (my first choice) or Ultrasuede or any fabric. Some even use buckram as the base. I would use a material that does not ravel much. A nylon tricot material can also be used if you want a flexible patch. You can also use non-woven interfacing, in black or white as the backing for your patch.

Cut out the base according to your design with 1/2 to 3/4 inch along the margin (this depends on how big the design is)

Cut out 3 circles, one top piece, one backing and a stiff.

Step 2

You need a base material to keep the patch stiff if you are using felt or fabric. Cut out a faux leather or original leather or buckram or stiff interfacing or stiff felt itself in the dimension of the design – ie without the extra allowance.

Step 3

Now for backing for your patch – Cut another piece of felt or fabric that will be the same as the stiff fabric. If it is a fraying fabric you will need extra allowance to tuck inside. 

gather your beads

You also need beads for your design and beading needle (long thin needle that will pass through the beads) and suitable thread – nylon preferably because it is strong.

Step 4

Start to attach the beads on the base fabric for the beaded patch

Start beading on the base fabric inside the design parameters.

If you are using a similar colored base as your beads it will be ok even if the beading is not densely done. But if the base is a white-colored fabric or buckram which is a tan color you will have to ensure that the beading is done densely to cover the whole area.

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Beading on large areas is very time-consuming if you are using tiny seed beads. You have to set aside some dedicated beading time if you want large designs. Make small patches, if it is your first time.

First, outline the designs with a backstitch with the beads and then fill the area inside. Or make medallion-like stitches going around the center bead as I have done.

Attach the beads around in a circle

For this first sew the first bead at the center of the fabric circle. After this begin the circle around this bead. String some 5 to 6 beads on your needle and then circle it around the center bead – remove or add according to the size of your beads. Couch stitch the bead string in 2 or 3 places to keep them stay in place. Do this again and again till the whole design is complete.

You can add rhinestones, sequins, etc to your beadwork for extra sparkle.

Step 5

To make the base for the beaded patch follow the steps given below.

After the beading is done, Keep the stiff material on the back of your beaded piece. Use a needle and thread and make a running stitch along the outer perimeter of the beaded fabric. 

Keep the stiff inside and make gathering stitches around the edge

If the material is buckram, clip the allowance and turn to the back and glue in place.

Pull the stitch to stretch the completed design on the board.

sew in place

Use the other remaining felt/fabric to cover the back.

Add the backing piece (smaller circle) to the back of your DIy fabric beaded patches

Hand sew in place.

hand sew this in place

You can do edge beading as a final step.

Add beads to your beaded fabric patches for decoration

You can embroider 3-d flowers on your beaded patch or make wire 3-d bead flowers and attach to the base.

To make the 3-d flowers with wire follow the tutorial given below:. 

3d flower bead clothing patches

Cut out 8 inches of thin wire. Fold the top as in the picture below. String 3 beads on it. Twist the wire under the beads as in the picture.

Bend wire and thread beads on it

String about 5 beads on the wire. 

Add more beads to the wire

Bring it up and twist it there. 

continue threading the wire with beads

Do the same for the other side too. 

Shape the wire into petal with beads

Make more like the above. Fold the top curl to the back. This makes one petal. Make 2 more for one flower.

Fold the top wire into a curl

Twist the wires together to form one flower. Make as many flowers as you want for the patch. 

several petals made with beads and wire

Make as many flowers are you want.

Petals are twisted into a flower shape

Make your base or use a stiff material in itself as the base.

Make a base for the flower with a circle covering stiff
Sew the base

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bead embroidery flowers

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