Fabric Roses – 10 easy DIY tutorials

fabric roses

Because I love roses and I write DIY tutorials, it is inevitable that I will go on creating these rose flower related tutorials –  like how to embroider rosesHow to make roses with ribbons, How to stitch roses and other flowers with ribbon embroidery stitches and then this one, on many ways to make roses with fabric. Making these beautiful roses is no chore; they are a delight to make and look at.  

ribbon rose making diy

You can make fabric roses with all kinds of fabrics but the best ones are made with satin, silk, organza, organdy, voile, chiffon and other sheer fabrics. One criterion is that it should not be too bulky, unless you are making felt roses.

diy fabric rose making with folded fabric

1. Simple rose

make fabric roses with net fabric and satin

Cut out chiffon or crepe, satin or net fabric into circles of different sizes – small to big.

cut out circles from satin to make petals for the flowers

Do not worry about the shape of the circles – they need not be so perfect. Use a candle or cigarette lighter to singe the edges of your petals – those circles are your petals.

finish the edges of the petals

Sew together these petals – small ones first and then bigger ones.

sew the edge of the petals

If you want to add artificila stamens, add it as you sew the first few petals. You can also add pearls or beads in the middle. 

gather all the circles to make the full flower

2 Flat Fabric rose

fabric rose made with satin circles

Making this fabric flower is self explanatory. You make varying sizes of circles. Layer them and stitch in place. You should singe the edges with a lighter so that the edges do not fray.

layer all the fabric circles form a rose shape from large to small

sew the small beads in the middle

3. Fabric Rose

fabric rose made with organdy fabric

To make this rose you should cut a 4 inch diameter circle ( for the rosebud in the center) and some petals (18 nos) Cut two sizes of squares of dimensions 2.5 inches ( 12 numbers)  and 1.75 inches ( 6 numbers). Cut the petal shapes from them

Singe the petal edges with light flame. Move quickly. You do not want burnt petals.

cut out petal shapes for making fabric rose

Make the bud shape from the circle

fold the organdy fabric circle by half

fold the shape again

bring the edges to the middle

Layer the bud with the petal shapes. Each of the petals should be overlapping the previous one. Use a thread to tie the petals at the base.

layer the small petal shape over the bud

layer other circles over the bud

Continue layering till you get a flower shape

keep layering the petals for the fabric rose

fabric rose with organdy fabric

4. Fabric Rose

gathered fabic rose with satin fabric

This is a gathered rose. Take  a 30 inch long piece of fabric of about 4 inch wide

cut out a strip of fabric 30 inch by 4 inch

Fold this fabric by the center along the length. Using a hand needle and thread make gathering stitches along the fabric edges (both edges together). Gather the fabric piece and twirl it so that you get a rose shape.

gather the edge of the fabric strip to make easy fabric roses

5 Fabric Rose

Swirled fabric rose

This is another gathered rose. To make this rose cut a fabric piece which is slightly tapered. You will have to fold a fabric piece of about 4 inches and 10 inches  or more long. Cut the fabric piece tapered as in the picture below.

cut out a fabric pieve which is 4 inches wide and 10 inches long . cut one side tapered.

Make gathering stitches along the base as before and pull to tighten and twirl as you gather

make gathering stitches along one side of the folded fabric strip

You can also swirl it to look like the rose  in the picture below

fabric rose made with bead in the middle

Ribbons are great for gathering like this to make a rose flower. You can make other flowers with ribbons as well.Check out the post on making flowers with ribbons for more details.

ribbon flowers

6. Fabric Rose – rolled

rolled rose

This earthy fabric rose is made using a fabric which frays – like chiffon, lace, thin burlap.

roll a fabric piece to the shape of a rose

Cut thin strips of about 1″ wide and 12 or more inches long. Fix one end of the strip on the base fabric with needle and thread. Start rolling the strip around this point. As you roll into the rose shape you should also roll the fabric strip on its own. When the rose is made, stitch the end in place with needle and thread. 

7. Fabric rose with organza

fabric rose made with organza

This is a very easy fabric made by folding small pieces of organza or other sheer fabrics into petal shapes. To make the petals of this flower take a piece of organza fabric which is twice as wide and long as the petal you want . Fold the fabric lengthwise, edges to the center and then fold it by half. This is your petal.

8 Fabric rose – felt

fabric rose made with felt fabric

Mark the swirl shaped petal on felt

Draw the above shape on fabric. Cut through the drawn lines. (Do not make marks with contrasting colours unless you are prepared to cut it all out)

cut out the swirl shape from felt

Make gathering stitches at the base and gather to form the flower

make gathering stitches on one edge of the swirl shape

Find even more different ways to make felt roses here

diy felt rose

9 Fabric Rose

fabric rose making with cut circles

To make this flower cut out atleast 9 circles (of any size – I cut 2 inch circles).

Singe the edges with a candle or lighter. If you want the frayed look, leave it as it is.

9 circles cut from satin fabric for the rose

Fold the circles into a triangular shape. Using a needle and thread attach the shapes triangular tip down, onto a point. The petals will fill your flower easily. 

use needle thread to gather the circles by the middle

10. Fabric Rose

make fabric roses

And finally, this rose is made by combining two types of petals – this flower has the gathered rose as base and then petals are attached inside.

To make the petals cut several circles.

cut circles from raw silk or cotton silk

Fold the circles by half and then make gathering stitches at the base. 

fold the circle by half and make gathering stitches

Gather the petals and stitch them to the base. 

gather the rose petal

Make a rosebud

A rose bud can stand on its own or can be used as the center portion of a rose flower. 

To make a rosebud take a small circle of the fabric. 2.5 inch diameter circle would suffice.

cut circle for rose bud

Fold the circle by the center. If you want a rosebud with some bulk you can add some cotton inside this fold. It will make the rosebud look almost original

make fabric roses

Now bring one side to the center. Hold in place

fold the rose bud circle by the middle

Bring the other side overlapping. 

make a rose bud

Tie string at the base. 

rose bud diy tutorial

To make the sepals of the rosebud, cut a green fabric in the shape given below. Insert the rosebud into the hole.

make a rose bud with fabric and a sepal

Tie green tape or a green fabric strip over the stem fixing the sepals . You can use glue to fix everything in place.

swirl the green fabric over the rose bud - for the rosebud

Another option is to make it as it is done with ribbons. Checkout the post on ribbon roses for more details.

You can cut a semicircular piece of felt and roll to make the bud.

make rose bud with felt

Here is one project just right for all those scraps you have been collecting- you can make perfect fabric roses even with the smallest of fabric pieces. Are you convinced to start making roses, one way or the other?

You can make flowers of other types as well with fabric. Check out the tutorial to make bougainvillea, bouvardia, morning glory and other flowers easily with fabric.

make flowers with fabric

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