How to make Felt flowers – 10 easy tutorials to make DIY felt flowers

Step by step instructions for creating felt flowers, including choosing materials, cutting shapes, and assembling the flowers.
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how to make felt flowers

If someone asked me to choose one fabric out of all others to make flowers I would choose felt – it may not have the smoothness of Satin, volume of Organdy, luster of Organza or luxuriousness of Silk – still the bright vibrant colors and ease of attaching with glue, non-fraying edges, stiff looks but malleable nature and the fact that there is less work  involved in making anything out of felt makes me a convert – felt is great for making beautiful flowers.

Making flowers with Felt – 10 easy DIY ways

Method 1 for making felt flowers

how to make a felt flower

This felt flower is made by cutting several petal shapes. Here I have used 7 petals for one flower. Cut one small petal shape for the middle bud.

cut out petals shapes from felt - 8 petals

Curl the small petal to look like a bud. Stitch in place.

roll one round petal first and sew in place

Overlap the other petals over the bud.

over lap the rolled petal with a bigger one

All the other petals should be placed half way of the preceding petals. Stitch everything in place

roll other petals around the other rolled petals in overlapping way
Overlap and roll all petals over the rolled ones

Method 2 for making felt flowers

dIY felt flowers

To make this felt flower, cut out similar circles and one small circle as a base for the petals.

Cut out 7 small felt circles

Fold one of the circle by half and then again by half. Stitch the fold in place

fold circles by half and then again

Keep this on top of the base circle and stitch that in place. Fold all the other the petals the same way and arrange on the base and stitch in place.

Keep the folded circles stacked one over the other and stitch in place

Method 3 for making felt flowers

making felt flowers

This felt flower is a variation of the first flower, but with a denser middle portion (pistil of the flower)

To make this flower, cut out a long strip of 3/4 inch wide felt piece and cut fringes. Roll into a tight roll and stitch in place

Cut a strip of felt fabric and fringe it on one edge; roll the fabric

Keep in between petals and glue or stitch in place.

Cut out petal shapes from another felt

Method 4 for making felt flowers

fringe felt rolled

This flower is made by rolling a long strip of felt fabric piece cut into fringes along one long side, around a pistil – it could be a store-bought pistil or one you have made with a fabric piece rolled around a small wad of cotton.

Cut a strip of felt and fringe one edge

You can make thinner fringes and a thicker wider middle portion for a flower like Daisy- method is the same.

Method 5 for making felt flowers

felt flower making

This felt flower is made by cutting several circle pieces from the felt of your choice.

Cut out 5 circles from felt

Make a half way cut on all circles as in the picture below

MAke one slash till the middle

Overlap the edges to make a curved petal. Stitch the overlap in place.

TWist the circle around the slash

Method 6 for making felt flowers

make flowers with felt fabric

This is a simple flower made by cutting two or three simple flower shapes.

Cut several petals shapes from felt

Keep them stacked so that they fill the spaces  in between petals.

stack the flower petals

Stitch beads in between

Sew beads in the middle

Method 7 for making felt flowers

instructions for making small yellow flowers with felt

For making these felt flowers mark 5 petal flowers and cut them out. Make as many as you want – these are small flowers that look better when there are  many.

Cut out several 5 petal flowers from felt

Cut them out

cut out the 5 petal flowers

Make running stitches in the middle

Make running stitches in a circle

Keep a  bead in between and stitch in place, tightening the running stitches so that the petals form around the bead

Tighten the stitches

Method 8 for making felt flowers

make a simple felt flower

To make this flower cut out 4 petals in the shape given below

Cut out petal shapes from 1.5 inch long felt

Make gathering stitches along the base of each petal. String the other petals as well on the thread and needle

gather the petal's bottom edge with running stitches

Gather the flower- this will happen as you tighten the thread.

Gather all the petals in one go

Stitch a bead in between. 

Method 9 for making felt flowers

DIY stacked felt flower

To make this flower cut out circles of varying sizes that can be stacked 

Cut out several circles in different colors of felt

Cut out petal shapes along the outer edge of the circles. 

Cut out petal shapes from the circles and then stack them one over the other

Stitch or glue in place. Arrange beads in the middle

Method 10 for making felt flowers

diy rose with felt

Roses are the ultimate in flowers – there are many ways you can make a felt rose, not just one. For making these roses you will have to check out (for step by step instructions to make 4 types) this post – DIY Felt Rose

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