Easy ways to Decorate Hair clips, Tic-Tac clips and Barrettes

The idea for this post came to me because in our home, with 3 long-haired heads, we have a lot of those plain black bobby pins, tic tac clips, and barrettes. I do not know a day when I do not need them – to tame my fly-away baby hairs. Every time I go shopping I come back with a couple of them – because whenever I look for one of those there is never one in sight. Then when I have bought these new ones, the old ones surface back all of a sudden.

Now there are way too many of them in plain back. But what is life without a little color? So I decided to decorate a few of them. 

Nowadays I see that decorated clips are in fashion and that too outrageously embellished ones. I do not think that I will wear it outside but maybe for the girls.

It is only your imagination that limits how you decorate your clips. I can tell you the basic way to go about it.

You can decorate the clips as it is – just put some glue and decorate them with pearls/beads/buttons.

decorate barrettes with large beads

Use quick drying glue for this. Wait till a day or two before you use the clip.

Use quick drying glue to attach beads

If you do not want the clip surface to show through and want camouflage the color of the base adheres to something on top. You can use felt or some textured fabric or foam.

make covering for the barrette

Cut out the material and fix it on top of the clip.

It can look super good as it is.

Cut the material in the shape of the clip

But if you want more, glue paillettes, beads, etc on top of this base.

Attach beads on top of the material on the barrette

Flat-backed rhinestones are beautiful when glued on a base like.

Rhinestones attached on top of barrettes

You can make small fabric flowers and glue them on top.

decorate hair barrettes

This flower is made by rolling a strip of denim fabric strip cut out from an old jeans. One edge is frayed for that attractive ragged look. You can checkout this post on making fabric roses for the tutorial to make such flowers.

A fabric/ribbon bow is a very usual way to decorate your hair clips and barrettes.

make bow over the barrette

I have used a narrow 1/2 inch wide velvet ribbon cut into small pieces for making this bow.

cut out 3.5 inches long ribbon and cut 2 3 inch long

They are then stitched to make a small bow which is then attached to the clip.

Fold the 3.5 inch long ribbon into a bow shape; the 3 inch pieces are attached as tails under the bow shaoed ribbon

Here are some other tutorials to make ribbon bows and fabric bows. You can also check out this post on How to make hair bows : 10 easy ways to beautiful hairbow accessories.

Other than this type of glued base, you can make a sleeve-like base for your tic tac clips ; this sleeve is not glued, so no problem removing it when you are bored with it.

Make casing for the tic tac clips

Just insert your tic tac clip through the sleeve and take it off when you want to remove it.

To make this sleeve, cut out two felt pieces in the outline of the tic tac clip, with 1/2 inch extra around.

Fabric for the covering for the clip cut out
Cut a piece of felt a little bigger than the clip

Mark the exact outline of the tic tac clip also. Cut them out.

Cut out the bottom edge of one of the pieces.(as in the picture below)

Cut on extra half piece for covering

Keep the two pieces together, one on top of the other. Sew along the outline (the one which is exact fitting for the tic tac clip).

Clip the extra outside this stitched line.

Sew then together

This is how it will look when the tic tac clip is inserted.

INsert the tic tac clip inside the covering

On this sleeve, you can add the decorations you want.

Embellish with cute buttons or beads

A simple button would suffice. But if you like a beaded look, choose your beads and a design.

Decorate the tic tac clip covering with beads

Sew the beads along the outline. Check out this post for beading embroidery stitches and tutorial to stitch beads to fabric edges.

Sew beads along the edge of the covering

Make designs inside.

After sewing the bead edging, make bead embroidery motifs on top

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Author: Sarina Tariq

Hi, I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.

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