Make gorgeous FABRIC BOWS (7 easy tutorials -3rd is my favorite)

This post details different types of hair bows and how to make them.

fabric bow tutorials

Fabric bows are awesome and habit-forming – Let me warn you before you start making them. Make one, and all your scraps will become bows. That is called ‘the curse of the bows.’ Yes, I have been reading too many Victoria Holts.

These cute Bows are feminine – there is no denying that; they take the most masculine garment or accessory and turn them into CUTE. And once you have learned to make them, you find yourself adding them to all of your things – and others’ things, too, if they allow it.   

There are so many ways of making gorgeous bows – I have listed 7 easy ways here. 

1. Simple fabric bow


To make a simple bow, you need a piece of cloth that is 6 inches in length and 3 inches in width. Finish the 3-inch sides with a tuned under the finish. You can also leave it as it is if you do not mind the frayed look at the back of the bow.

Fold the fabric by the centerfold, right sides together. Stitch along the edge, the edges together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Turn the fabric tube right side out.

Now arrange the seam to the back so your bow front will not have a seam edge. Bring the short edges together, one edge overlapping the other. Pin together. You can use a needle and thread to tighten the middle if you want.

Make a fabric loop with a small fabric or use a ribbon to wrap around the middle.

simple bow

2. Stacked ribbon Bow

ribbon bow

The Stacked ribbon bow is another very easy-to-make bow. This is made with two pieces of ribbon, 10 inches and 7 inches in length. You can reduce the length or increase it. Bring together the edges of the ribbon together and stitch them in place. I made a quick basting stitch on my sewing machine. Stack the two ribbons shorter on top of the longer one.

Stitch in place. Make a small fabric loop with another piece of fabric and stitch it together at the back to complete the ribbon bow.

ribbon bow

3. Perfect Bows without handstitched seams

bow made with fabric

Don’t worry if you have this gorgeous fabric to make bows and need more confidence in your hand-stitching skills. This method is suitable for making bows with heavy materials as well. You get perfect square bows with this easy method. I use this method every time I make a fabric bow.

Cut one piece of fabric which is a 7″ square. Then cut two fabrics 4 inches wide and 7 inches long.

make bows

Stitch the smaller fabrics together ( right sides together) on one 7″ side, leaving a 1 inch gap in the middle, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance

Now you will get a piece of fabric ( 7 inch square) with a small opening.


Keep this piece on top of the first 7 inch square you have. Stitch all around them together. All the four sides.

Now you just have to bring the right side of the piece through the opening you have.You have a square shaped piece of fabric. This is your bow piece.

fabric bows

Now you just have to gather the middle of this piece to make the bow. I have used golden twine to tie the middle of the bow. It is your call. Use whatever you have.

bow made with fabric fabric bow diy tutorial

Checkout the tutorial for making giant bows for one more method to make a bow like this

4. Grosgrain ribbon bows

fabric bow diy

Grosgrain bows are those small cute bows you see on hair accessories. They are also super easy to make. Cut grosgrain ribbon 3 inches. Just bring the edges together and tie them with a 1/4-inch satin ribbon.

make fabric bow

5. Winged bow

fabric bow tutorial

A winged bow has a slightly angled shape. I have made a bow that measures 6 inches.

To make this bow:

  1. Just cut the pattern as given below and stitch the sides after folding them by the center.
  2. Leave a 1″ space unstitched to turn it right side out.
  3. Make a loop and attach it.

The winged bow is ready.

make fabric bows

6. Easy Buckle bow


This is a faux bow. Make a fabric rectangle by folding a fabric piece of 8 inches and 6 inches by half, right sides together. Stitch the fabric edges together on the long side. Turn this  rectangle right side out.Stitch the sides by top stitching or an invisible hand stitching. Slide in the buckle. You have an easy bow.

make bow

7. Ribbon Bow



make ribbon bow

To make this bow Take a piece of ribbon about 8 – 10 inches long. Join the ends together by stitching the edges, right sides together.

Arrange it so the seam is in the center and the ribbon folds on either side. Pin the two layers together at the center. Now manipulate the two sides so that you have two folds on either side, one at an angle to the other. Pin in place again. Using a hand needle and thread, stitch the folds in place. Place a flower or button in the center.

make a ribbon bow

Check out the posts on fabric flower making; ribbon flower making; DIY fabric roses for making flowers to add to your bow.

8. Tie a bow with a sash

You can make a perfect bow with a sash in a dress. Check out the tutorial for sash bow for step-by-step instruction to tie this bow. 

tie a sash bow

You can checkout different ways to make bows with ribbons here 

Make a bow with ribbon

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