Tie a perfect SASH BOW in a Dress

Learn the best way to tie a sash bow in a dress
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Pretty bows bring on a special degree of cuteness to dresses – it does not matter where it is placed – back, front or the sides. These bows can be added to any dress very easily with a sash. Even those exquisite wedding dresses you see in the wedding magazines features these perfect sashes tied into bows.

tie a sash bow

You can easily turn a plain or an austere dress to a romantic, feminine outfit with a sash bow, just like that. You just need to do some easy maneuvers with the sash to tie it into a super cute bow;  the steps to do this are outlined in this tutorial. 

There are many ways to make these sashes – checkout the post on making sashes – about 5 easy ways to make them. Add them to your dress and tie away

how to make a sash

How to tie a Sash Bow

Step 1

Keep the sashes crossed with the left sash over the right one.

how to tie a sash bow

Step 2

Bring up the left sash up from under the right one. Keep the left sash there. 

tying a sash bow in a dress


Step 3 

Form the right sash into a small loop as in the picture.

how to tie bow in a dress

Step 4

Bring the loop to the right side 


tie a bow with sash

Step 5

Bring down the upstanding  left loop over the right sash which is a loop now on the right

sash bow in a dress tying

Step 6

Now take up the left sash through the space under the right sash loop, (through a loop you will find just under the right sash loop)

tie a sash bow in a dress

Here is a better view. When you pull on the two loops –  the left one you just pulled from under the right one and the right sash loop – you get a pretty bow. Tighten as you think is proper and spread the loops and arrange the bow petals to get a neat look. 

how to tie a bow with sash

how to tie a sash bow


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  1. I’ve had this page bookmarked for years! It’s the first place I go anytime I need a reminder how to tie a pretty bow. The instructions are easy to understand and the pictures are clear, showing each step perfectly. Thanks for the quick, simple instructions!

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