Stylish Fabric {HAIR BANDS} – 20 + DIY tutorials

 headband tutorial

Alice band aka the headband is a flexible hairband of cloth, elastic, plastic or other material that women and girls wear to keep their hair in place. It is referred as Alice Band after the famous character Alice in Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Whenever there is an illustration of the character, she has her unruly hair kept in place by a band and hence evolved the name Alice band.

These hairbands have a charm which transgresses age and gender. Victoria Beckham has been seen wearing beautiful rhinestone embellished Alice bands. Her husband David Beckham also used to sport them occasionally to keep his hair back.

If you have ever had short hair you will definitely know how difficult it is to keep your hairstyle looking fresh. The flexibility you have with long hair and various hair tying options are gone. You can style up your long hair, down around your face or use colour to make it alive. With short hair you are on your own - here a headband will come to your rescue.

An Alice hairband will give you an accessory which can transform your hair from fly away strands of hair which may even be looking messy to a glamorous and classy crop. These headbands can also be used by girls with long hair for a shot of glamour.

Little girls will love you forever if you make them in matching colour for their outfits.They make beautiful handmade gifts for babies. 

You can make these beautiful bands with a little  fabric and some ingenuity in any style you want to match your outfit. Just follow any one of these (or all) easy tutorials shared by some very very talented ladies.

How to make fabric headbands - Free tutorials

Bow headband tutorial

With a length of ribbon and some elastic you can make this pretty and simple hairband 

Scrappy baby hair accessories

This post has so many hair accessories for kids and all of them so cute and easy to make, you will definitely wish to make each of them – as I did.

Sparkle headband 

This is an awesome DIY - It's amazing that it is made with a plastic hairband along with some embroidery thread and a length of trim with stones 

Easy ribbon head band tutorial

Buttons and gross grain ribbon and a simple plastic band is all you need for making this pretty and striking hairband. Ideal for a little girl to be worn with a formal dress

Vintage ‘Alice in wonder’ hairband

This will make the perfect hair accessory for a bridal outfit. If you are soon to be a bride or a bridesmaid maid or even a guest at a wedding look no further for an easy to make but gorgeous hair accessory.


Sweet & Skinny ruffled hairband 

This very very pretty hairband looks as if it is difficult to make but the easy step by step instructions makes this a must make and can make hairband for me.

Simple Fabric hairband

This is a very simple hairband made of scraps and can be made matching for all your girl’s outfits.

Easy Fabric head band tutorial

Another simple hairband – this one has the elastic covered – this site also has a downloadable template for your convenience- print it out and make countless hair bands