Types of Hair accessories : (25 Common names)

I have this problem -“compulsory-hair-accessory-buying problem”. Without having much hair or without knowing the names of most of them, I do have a lot of them at home. So I did some digging around and came up with their names. About the hair, I do not think I can do much.

Alligator clip

I guess it is named so because of the way it opens its mouth in one press and also the teeth inside. 

hair accessories

Banana Clips

This is a U-shaped hinged clip with the jaws on either side of the clip holding the hair inside. It can make the hair fall like a cascade and make it look voluminous.

Barrettes/French barrette

A barrette is a hair clip that is used to hold the hair neatly in its place.

hair accessories

Bendy or snap clip/Tic tac clips 

Snap-on small slides that keep hair in place.

tic tac clips

Bobby pin

This is a thin and tight slide with ridges on the top side. These ridges help in keeping the hair neatly and firmly in place. 

Bobby pin

Bun pin

This is a U shaped pin used to hold the hair in buns neatly and in place.

bun pin

bun pin with pearls

Bun wrap

This dressy hair accessory is used to wrap around the bun. In Indian weddings a bun wrap made of real flowers or artificial flowers are used (called Gajra)

bun wraps

Claw clips

Jaw clips/Hair clutcher clips/Butterfly clips

These are hair clips with deep claws.

claw clips

Chain halo

This is a decorative head piece made of metal chains.

Flat hair pins/Hair slides

These are flatter versions of the bobby pins.

Hair bands


This is a band worn over the top of the head, meant to hold hair away from the face. 

Hair elastic

ponytail holder/hair ties

hair ties

Hair puff maker/Bump it

These are hair accessories that add volume to the hair. They are inserted inside the hair for making the hair look thick and voluminous.

Hair piece

This refers to decorative headpieces worn on the hair during weddings.

Hair combs

Wide slides with combs keeping hair in check.

Hair stick

Updo barrette/Stick barrette

A hair clip fastened with a long stick.

Hair wraps

Bandeau headband

These are wide headbands made of cloth which covers a large part of the head. Checkout the tutorial to make this type of headband

Ponytail barrette

A curved clip which neatly covers the hair while holding the ponytail without flattening the hair.

Ponytail holder

This is a wrap for the whole ponytail – it can be a partial covering or a full covering.


These are hair ties covered with fabric.

Check out this post for 10 different ways to make your own hair scrunchies


These are thin elastic headbands which keep hair away from the face while exercising

Rubber bands

Though not recommended, pretty colored rubber bands can be used to tie the hair up.


This is an ornamental hairband which resembles a crown. It is usually metal.

(Flower) Tiara

In a Flower tiara flowers are arranged over a headband to look like a tiara.

Turbans, hats, veils and hair scarves

Everything that is used to cover the head is a hair accessory.

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