10 Best & easy ways to attach {SEQUINS} to fabric

how to sew sequins

I love Sequins. If you want bling it is always SEQUINS for me. They are the ultimate in inexpensive glitter and sparkle.  Sequins spell glamour. Most of the Tshirts for girls now come embellished with sequins.

Even when there are other embellishments like embroidery, applique, bead embroidery or any other fabric embellishments, the sequin is an easy super cool way to add that extra zing.

how to stitch sequins

And very easy to attach to your clothes with just a hand sewing needle and thread.

They are easily available as well. Just go to any bead shop, needle work embroidery shop and you get different shapes, sizes and colours of sequins – you will be spoilt of choice. Heart sequins, snowflake sequins, spoke sequins, square sequins, leaf sequins, navette sequins, oval sequins, shell sequins, star sequins, sunburst sequins,  sequin confetti, sequin mesh, sequin motifs – some of the types of sequins I found in a shop. Mindboggling.

Sequin confetti is sequins that come in different shapes. I have seen sequin confetti in the shape of Santa and loved it – Had to buy a pack but couldn’t decide on where to use it though – maybe on handmade Christmas ornaments.

fabric texture

When you have completed an embroidery project, have you tried adding some beads or sequins to the surface – just a sprinkling makes a lot of difference – the vivaciousness of beads and sequins adds to the beauty of the embroidery project. You can use any of the methods explained here to attach the sequins

How to apply sequins to clothes

Which Needle to use with sequins ?

You will need a thin small needle which will easily go through the holes of the sequins. I would use the thin beading needle. A crewel needle in size 10 also would do.

Which Thread to use with sequins?

You can use any kind of thread. I use matching cotton sewing machine thread . You can use a strand of embroidery thread as well.

Color of the thread – You will have to decide on the color of the thread yourself depending on the effect you want. If the sequins is a different color from the background fabric on which you are working you will have to use either a thread matching the sequins or a thread matching the fabric. I would use the thread matching the sequins. Or you can alternatively use invisible thread.

Before sewing, it is always a good idea to apply a thin fusible interfacing to the back of the design area in your fabric. This way no fear of the sequins weighing down the fabric or the holes made to attach the sequins becoming bigger after sometime due to the weight.

Before you start Always make two anchoring stitches where you want to add the sequin.

sequins work

Method 1. Attaching individual sequins

You can sew single round sequins with the hole in the middle using one short straight stitch or several across the sequins all starting from the middle hole. If using only one straight stitch, It will look better if you stitch the straight stitches all in one direction.


Make the anchoring stitches and Thread the sequin on the needle. You may want to take several straight stitches if you want a really strong hold.


Some may have holes near the edges.

sequins work

If you have a sequin confetti ie sequins with different shapes like stars, flowers make straight stitches at intervals across the shape ( between the ridges they usually have) starting from the central hole. 

Shaped sequins come in a range of shapes and sizes with either a single hole or several placed near the edge.

Method 2 Attaching sequins in a row with back stitches

A long line of sequins are sewn with back stitches applying one sequin to each back stitch. You will have to ensure that all the sequins face the same direction for a uniform look .

You can sew this rows with both flat sequins and cup sequins.


how to attach sequins

  • First individually attach a sequin ( make two anchoring straight stitches on either side of sequins)

how to sew sequins

  • bring up the needle from the back two threads away from the sequin ( at C) you have attached. Now thread the needle with the sequin ( at C) .

sewing sequins

  • Make one anchoring stitch to the front  and then again come up two threads from the sequin ( B-C).
  • Thread another sequin  and continue like this

how to attach sequins

Method 3 Attaching sequins in a row – with two straight stitches

This is an extra secure stitching method. You will be making two straight stitches across the sequins in this method.You can also make the sequins lie side by side with this method

how to stitch sequins

Method 4 Attaching sequins  – with straight stitches in a random fashion

This method involves stitching the sequins in a row with straight stitches from the top. This is not a very secure stitch nor does the sequin lie flat with this one. But for small sequins and fast stitching, this method is apt; Also for dense filling of sequins inside a small design this is suitable.

You can use a Nylon thread/ invisible thread to make the stitching thread look inconspicuous.

sequins work

Method 5  Attaching sequins with a bead

sequins sewing tutorial

This is mostly done when sewing cup shaped sequins. Because of their shape these sequins look odd when stitched on top of each other like the second method.

After threading the sequin, thread a tiny bead and then go  back through the same hole under the bead to the back of the fabric.

how to sew sequins on fabric

If you have a very large sequin you may need to add another sequin in between the bead.

Method 6 Attaching large sequins at the edge

This is usually done with big sequins with hole near the edge – they are called Paillettes / spangles

Attach them with a small straight stitch or two attaching the hole to the edge. You can also add a cup sequin and a bead near the edge for a more decorative look. 

Method 7 Attaching sequins  with a special needle

You can attach the sequins with a very small crochet needle – checkout the video for details. . Very convenient and fast way if you get a hang of it. Practise. 

Method 8 Attach sequins with fabric glue

This is quite easy – you just keep the sequins on a drop of fabric glue on the fabric surface.

I frankly do not trust fabric glue to survive frequent washings but for a quick fix and quick attaching nothing like the glue. It sets in about 30 minutes and is good to wear. 

Method 9 Attaching sequin trim

Sequin trims are long trims with sequins already threaded and stitched. They come in single rows or multiple rows of sequins neatly attached.They can be attached by hand ( You should do a couching stitch ie use a hand needle and attach the sequins trim at intervals with small straight stitches across the trim)

You can use the  sewing machine to attach the trim with a wide zig zag stitch; If you have a sequin foot or braiding foot very well, the sequin trim will slide inside the foot and make your job a lot easier.

sewing machine feet

You will have to ensure that the zig zag stitches land on either side of the trim and the needle is not hitting the sequins at any point during stitching. 

Method 10 Attaching sequins with a sewing machine 

Ofcourse I do not have a machine with which to magically attach the sequins, with the same look of handsewn sequins.

But if I had, it would be a computerised sequins sewing machine which is what you see used in store bought clothes – you never thought they painstakingly sew all those sequins on countless clothes , did you?

Well, you and I have the time and desire to sew these tiny sparkly discs and decorate our fabric to the ultimate in embellishments

But it is possible to sew sequins with your regular sewing machine, when using large sequins. You should use the practices of free motion embroidery here. Checkout the post on free motion embroidery for more details

Use a small needle and monofilament nylon thread on the machine
Keep the fabric stretched on an embroidery hoop
Remove the pressure foot .

Anchor the thread with some stitches
Keep the sequin in place .
Make a stitch to the edge of the sequin first , then move the hoop and fabric so that the sequin hole is under the needle; take a stitch here and then move to the other edge of the sequin and make a stitch. Repeat for other sequins. 

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