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How to use a BRAIDING Presser FOOT on your sewing machine

how to use a braiding foot

When you have to attach thin trims to your clothes or other sewing projects there is no other useful sewing machine accessory than this. You can easily attach trims like thin ribbons, ric rac trims, cord, braids, etc with this foot. You get a couching stitched effect with the help of the braiding foot. It is a snap-on foot and the best thing is that it is adjustable.

How to use the braiding foot

Take your trim (ribbon, cord, etc) and see if it will fit through the hole.

uses for braiding foot

The braiding foot has a hole in the front through which you have to insert the trim. There is a groove on the back and you cannot use very wider ribbons or braids wider than the groove through which the trim will be passing. If the trim is bigger than the groove on the back of the foot you will not get the same effect as you would if you are using a thin trim. But it is not as if you have to use a particular sized trim – there is a screw on the foot which lets you adjust the foot to smaller and bigger width trims.

braiding foot -uses

If your trim is wider than the small hole which is normally there, take out your screw driver and loosen the screw in the front. Adjust the screw to accommodate the trim. Tighten the screw again.

how to use the braiding foot

Attach the snap-on presser foot on your sewing machine.

You can thread the trim before you put the foot on the machine or afterward.

braiding foot

Insert the trim through the hole on the presser foot on the front. The trim should fit through the hole in the braiding foot.

braiding foot

Take the trim end to the back. If the trim is very thin and you have difficulty threading through the hole, use an awl or something similarly sharp to push it through.

braiding foot-how to use

Place the fabric underneath.

Adjust the length and width of the zig-zag stitch as per the trim and the effect you want. Start sewing.

If the trim is bigger than the hole, you can sew alright but the trim will be reduced in width automatically. You can see the effect in the picture below. The wide trim is reduced in size – the effect is pretty, nevertheless.

braiding foot

If you want curved effect you have to use a hoop to tighten the fabric.

braiding foot

Draw the design and then stitch.

braiding foot

At the end of making this you will have to finish the edges of the ribbons with a hand sewing needle and thread.

Elastic sewing with braiding foot

You can easily attach flat elastic and elastic cord the same way. This is an easy way to get gathers on your fabric – thread-thin elastic or stretchy cord on the foot and use a zig-zag stitch to attach to the fabric.

braiding foot for your sewing machine

You will have to stretch the elastic as you sew to get the gathering effect.

braiding foot

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