Satin Stitch Presser Foot : 4 types for perfect satin stitching

satin stitch foot

A satin stitch is a decorative stitch that you can make with any sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch capability. A satin stitch is a zig-zag stitch 2.0, i.e., an enhanced zig-zag stitch that is very useful in all types of sewing and embroidery – making borders and edge stitching, quilting, buttonhole sewing, making scalloped edges etc. Every zig-zag stitching sewing machine comes with an all-purpose presser foot that can sew a satin stitch. 

As already said, the basic zig-zag presser foot is enough and plenty to make a beautiful satin stitch on your sewing machine. But there are other options which work better.

Different types of presser foot for satin stitch  

All-purpose sewing machine foot

As the satin stitches lie horizontally across the fabric, you need a presser foot with this width as a hole. An all-purpose sewing machine foot is perfect for this.

zig zag stitching with the zig zag presser foot
All purpose stitch presser foot

After putting this foot on your machine adjust your stitch length and width for your optimal satin stitches.

Stitch width adjustment depends on how wide you want the satin stitch to be.

Stitch length can be adjusted from .5 to .9 depending on how close you want the stitches to be. For applique I use a .9 stitch length.

applique stitch width - 3; stitch length - less than 1

You can test different stitch lengths and widths to create different effects with your satin stitch.

Satin stitch foot

clear satin stitch presser foot for zig zag stitch
Satin stitch presser foot

A satin stitch is different from the all purpose presser foot because of its special feature – a satin stitch foot will have a groove underneath which lets the thick stitches pass through without damage. It is also shorter than your regular presser foot – ‘the better to see you with’ principle works here. 

Teflon zig zag stitch foot

teflon zig zag stitch sewing machine feet

Usually, when you buy your sewing machine, you get a metal all-purpose foot – but if you have a Teflon presser foot, you can sew easily over slippery fabrics. The Teflon surface moves smoothly over the slippery fabrics because of its texture. 

Open-Toe satin stitch foot

There is an advantage in having an open toe embroidery foot aka applique foot – Visibility! 

open toe satin stitch sewing machine feet
Open toe embroidery presser foot

It is open on the front giving you greater visibility as to where you are sewing and how the stitches are being made. The stitches pass through the space without damage. 

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