9 easy to stitch Bead Border embroidery designs

If you are interested in a simple bead work design that is suitable for borders, you will find them here. Given below are some of the most simple to make border stitches with beads. I am all for simple. But that doesnot make them any less beautiful.

Beads are stunning embellishments, anyway you stitch them, so whenever you do embroider with beads, they are bound to make the fabric something special.

bead border designs

Checkout the post on bead embroidery for some basic bead embroidery stitches and the different types of beads available for you to make these beautiful border designs.

How to do Border embroidery with Beads

Materials you will need to make beaded designs :

Fabric or the clothing to be embellished
Beads of your choice
Beading needle (They are thin enough to pass through the beads)
Thread (matching the beads or fabric and strong enough to hold the beads).
Beading mat or surface (Optional)

1. Bead border – fly stitch

You can make this two ways.

bead embroidery border design

One is the way you do fly stitches. Bring up the needle from A to the front of the fabric, Thread 10 beads in the needle,  and then go down at B. Now bring the needle up at C and make a small stitch C-D, catching the middle of this beaded chain.

Continue making these stitches down the line you have drawn.

feather stitch

The other way is to simply make straight beaded stitches on the ray design you have drawn

feather stitch with beads
feather stitch with bead embroidery

2. Bead border design – Cretan stitch

cretan stitch with beads.

This method uses cretan stitches. A single Bead is inserted at the head of every cretan stitch you make

cretan stitch with beads.

Remember that every time you come up with the needle and thread one bead is threaded into the needle. Make cretan stitches with the bead placed after the needle

cretan bead border

3. Bead  border – Herringbone stitch

beading border pattern with  zig zag pattern

Simple herringbone stitch is done with beads threaded in between. Draw parallel lines to make this stitch so that you get even stitches. If you make two or more  rows of this stitch it will make a different pattern.

zig zag pattern with bugle beads and small beads.

4. Bead Border – Ladders

This is  a very simple border made with straight stitches made very close to each other. Draw parallel lines and make the stitches straight and close and even. Thread one seed bead, one bugle bead and one seed bead

You can make the lines slanting for a variation.

bead border patterns in the shape of a ladder.

one small bead, one bugle bead and one small bead on the needle.

5 . Bead Border -Waves

Simple bead anchoring stitches are used to stitch the beads here. Some 3-4 beads are threaded onto the needle and then go down; come back up one bead back and insert the needle through this last bead and then string the next 3-4 beads. This is the most simple bead anchoring stitch. Check it out in the Beadwork Stitching Tips and Tricks

You should be marking the crest and trough of the wave with a scale so that every wave looks even and similar.

beading borders with a wavy pattern

wavy pattern drawn on the fabric.

6. Bead border – Running stitch

beading border designs using bugle beads

In this very easy  border stitch, beads are stitched with spaces in between them (similar to running stitches) . When you stitch many rows of this beading line, a pattern is made.

Draw parallel lines and mark bead position so that you get even stitching (unlike mine). Ensure that the space in between is the same throughout.

pattern for the bugle bead border design.

7. Bead Border – Lazy daisy stitch

bead border patterns with small sugar beads.

This stitch uses lazy daisy stitch chains. Thread needle with ten or more beads and make beaded lazy daisy stitches close to each other. You can insert other beads in between for a variation.

10 small beads taken on the beaded needle.
the bead chain is anchored on the fabric with a chain stitch.,

8. Bead Border – Bugle squares

This stitch involves making small squares with bugle beads. Insert sequins or other beads before and after the Bugle beads for  variation

beading border patterns with bugle beads

bugle beads used to make bead borders.

The bugle beads are inserted in the following sequence, A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H as in the picture below.  Draw parallel lines according to the length of the bugle bead you have to make the stitches even

9. Bead border – sun rays

This stitch has bugle beads stitched in  a ray fashion above and below a straight line. You can make this stitch on one side alone or both sides for variations

bugle beads formed around a large bead.

bead border pattern made with one large bead and several bugle beads.

Plan Your Design:
If you are using these border designs on the neckline of your dress or along the hem you have to have a plan.
Decide on the pattern you want for your beadwork border. You can combine the above patterns or add your own beaded flower motifs.

Use the correct thread.
You can use embroidery thread or sewing thread. Or use a super strong Nylon thread like Nymo thread which is known for its flexibility and strength.

Thread the needle:

Thread your beading needle with a comfortable length of thread – not too much that you are forever moving the beads and not too short that you are forever threading your beading needle – a near to impossible thing without a needle threader. Knot one end to secure the thread. Learn steps for stringing beads here.

Start Beading:
Choose a starting point for your border, preferably on the back. Bring the needle up from the backside of the fabric to the front, where you want the first bead to be.Be accurate on the pattern lines as you start beading.

Add the Beads one by one consciously:
String the beads onto the needle in the desired order. Gently slide the beads down the thread until they reach the fabric.

Do not forget to stitch back:
Insert the needle back down through the fabric just a short distance away from the first bead. This secures the beads in place.

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