Stitch up a Double woven Bead chain : Tutorial

make bead chain

This is a tutorial to weave beads into a double strand completely joined together. This chain can be used as purse handles, embellishments for clothes and other accessories, making necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Supplies needed for making this chain – You can use any type of round beads for making this type of chain, but they all need to be of the same size.

You also need the leanest beading needle possible – the needle has to pass through those teeny tiny holes. Beading needles of sizes 10 to 15 are usually used with seed beads. (Remember bigger the number thinner the needle) For bigger beads with bigger holes, you may use sewing needles.

For making a flexible chain that can be sewn (with couching stitches) on fabric, you can use regular sewing thread or silk threads.

Beading threads like  Silamide (a 2-ply waxed nylon beading thread), Nymo thread (a stretchy thread), Aramid thread, Kevlar thread (a very strong and heat resistant, nonstretchy thread) or Waxed Linen can also be used.

How to make the double woven bead chain

Step 1.

Thread your needle with the first row beads

thread needle with enough beads for the chain
Take up as much beads on your needle and thread as much as you want for the chain length.

Remember to leave some thread tail at first and make a knot before threading (the thread tail is for knotting when you are finished).

Step 2.

Thread the first bead for the second row

thread the next bead
Refer the above picture for how to take the needle through the last bead of the first row

Step 3.

Take up the needle through the last bead

thread through the last bead
Bring needle out through the bead in the second row
From the right insert the needle through the first bead on the second row.

Step 4.

Tighten the thread

This completes the weaving of the second row to the first row of beads; Now you just have to repeat the same steps.

Step 5.

Bring the needle out through the first bead on second row

from the right side bring out the needle through the first bead on the second row

From the right side bring out the needle through the first bead on the second row.

Step 6.

Tighten the thread

tighten the thread

Step 7.

Repeat with another bead

Step 8.

Bring the needle out through the second bead

Repeat till you have finished the whole row.

Step 9.


When you have finished, knot the thread together.

Arrange the chain in the shape you want.

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