Beaded neckline edge : How to finish neckline with beads – easy ways

A guide for learning different techniques and easy methods to embellish and finish a neckline with beads. Elevate the look of their clothing by adding beadwork to the necklines, enhancing its overall design and appeal.

beaded neckline edge

Beads can amp up the dullest of things. And on old clothes, they can truly transform. You can add beads to the edges of the neckline to change the complete look of it. Here are some very easy ways to make a beaded neckline edge.

You can sew beads on all kinds of necklines and all kinds of clothes made of all types of fabrics. But some are more difficult than others.

For eg. Satin can be a difficult fabric to sew, simply because if you have slightly low quality fabric, constant handling while embroidering and pricks with the needle can make the smooth threads of satin break and come up.

If you have a see-through fabric, that is another sort of trouble. You can see the knots, stitches etc clearly outside – you may have to be careful about not making thick knots and then secure the ends with fray check.

Use thread which matches the fabric of your clothing , rather than the beads.

Method 1. Couching a bead chain or band

neckline edge - couching stitch

This is the easiest method. If you have a long chain of beads already, just use small couching stitches to attach the beaded chain on your neckline.

If you make a double beaded band, or cord you can still couch this to the neckline – just ensure that you are using polyester thread to make it and that it is not very stiff. It has to curve in the shape of the neckline

Method 2. Backstitch

how to bead on fabric

You can use a backstich instead of couching, to attach the beads along the neckline edge – but ensure that you are making a stitch between every few beads, other wise the whole thing can come off. Learn how to make a beaded back stitch here.

Method 3. Sew beaded picot edge

picot edge along neckline

Step by step instructions to sew the picot edge with beads

Make a blanket stitch

Make blanket stitch

Start with a small blanket stitch to anchor the thread

Thread 3 beads

I have taken a big bead in the middle ; That is optional. You can take two big beads on either side or same sized beads.

Insert the needle and bring it up

Insert the needle one bead distant from the first stitch and a little down from the edge and bring it up. As you bring it up it will create a loop like a blanket stitch.

Tighten the thread

tighten the stitch

Your three threads will line up perfectly as you tighten the thread.

Bring up the needle through the third bead

Take the needle up through the third bead. This will further anchor the beads.

Insert just 2 beads now

In this step and the subsequent steps you need to insert just two beads on the needle- this will give you a picot like edge. Ensure that you are inserting the middle bead first and then the side bead, You can see this in the picture above.

Insert the needle under the last bead and then through the last bead

When you insert needle through the fabric and then through the last bead you are anchoring the beads nicely along the neckline edge.

Continue making the stitches

picot beaded edge along neckline

Continue taking two beads on your needle and sewing them on to the neckline edge as you did before. And before long your whole neckline is covered in a jewelry like edge.

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