How to make a beaded cord : 2 ways

make beaded cord

Method 1. Weave a beaded cord

Step 1. Thread your beading needle with a suitable thread. Make a knot at the end of the thread and some 2 inches inside from this knot.

Thread your beading needle with three beads. 

Thread your needle with three beads

Bring these beads to the end of your thread, till the second knot you made.

Step 2. 

Bring the needle to the last bead.

Bring the needle through the first bead

Step 3.

Pull the needle tight

Insert the needle through the end bead in the opposite direction.

Step 4.

The first step of bead circle for the beaded cord

Tighten the three beads to form a unit as in the picture above.

Step 5

Take another bead on the needle

Take another bead on the needle.

Step 6.

Bring it it up through the bead

Insert the needle through the next bead. Tighten the bead.

Step 7.

Now again take a bead and insert needle through the next bead.(same way as you did in the earlier step)

take another needle and bring it up through another bead on the circle near it

Step 8.

After inserting some more beads like this, you will find that the beads are not aligned in a straight way.

Aternate beads are projected out.

beaded cord

Now you should start inserting the needle into these projected beads after inserting the bead on the needle. 

beaded cord tutorial

Do the same steps continuously throughout and tighten as you go. This will make it into a tube shape.

making beaded cord

In no time you will see that a cord is being formed. You will be going round and round till the whole cord is completed.

continue beading the cord through alternate beads

Method 2. Cover a cord with beads

This is a very easy way to make a beaded cord – you will be covering a thinner cord with a string of beads.

beaded cord which is threaded over another cord

To make this cord, first make a long string of beads.

Make a string of beads

Take your cord. 

Bead string and thick cord

Start winding the bead string on the cord tightly. You will have to tie at the start of the winding to make the cord secure. Tie wherever you will be joining new strings and also at the ends too – use matching thread to tie. You can also use glue to make it more secure.

Cover the cord with the bead string

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