Make Braided Cord – with simple circular cardboard loom

Braided CORD

To make this beautiful cord, you need 7 pieces of yarn and a cardboard circle.

Cut out a small circle piece of cardboard. It can be any size. I have cut out one of size 7 inches in diameter.

Mark lines on the cardboard by the center as in the picture below – you will be drawing 4 lines totally. 

Braided CORD

Cut 1/2 inch slits along these lines along the periphery of the circle. Make a small hole (big enough for your yarns to pass through.

Braided CORD

Tie the yarn together at the top.

Braided CORD

Insert the yarn through the hole so that the knot is at the back.

The knot should prevent the yarn from going through to the back.

Take the yarn one by one through the slits on the periphery of your circle – one slit will be vacant without yarn, because you have 8 slits and only 7 yarn pieces.

Bring the vacant slit in the down position as in the picture below.

Remember that subsequently you should bring the slit without yarn always in this down position.

Identify the third yarn up from the vacant slit without yarn on the right side – the one with the flower symbol. 

Bring it down over the vacant slit.

Bring the now vacant slit to the down position. Now the blue one (three yarn from the right side of vacant slit) is the one with the flower symbol.

Bring it down over the vacant slit.

Now rotate the circle and bring the now vacant slit to the down position. Refer picture below.

Do you get the chronology?

Repeat the same action over and over again till the whole thread is used up or you have got the length you want or you have had enough .

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