Best Cords to use for Macrame

how to choose macrame cords
Isn’t it wonderful when you do not need anything but some cord to make beautiful crafts that will wow anyone who comes across them? Macrame is one such art form. You need very few tools to start your macrame project – or should I say, you need just Cord?

What cords should NOT be used for Macrame? 

This is the premier most question. You do not want to end up frustrated when your threads do not knot properly, or they do not stay knotted and keep slipping, break easily with the repeated knotting process, unravel midway, look knobbly in some places, etc.
Cords with lots of stretch –  For eg. acrylic knitting yarns. Not suitable! Even wool knitting yarns are not suitable. Too much stretch to work properly.
Cords with uneven texture – If you select cords that have different thickness along the length, your project will look uneven and even unattractive.
Cords that are not color safe – For eg. jute cords do not take color very well. So even if they are dyed, the colors may run. So you have to be careful with it around water/moisture. Better to use Jute in its natural color.
Thin synthetic thread – These are usually made of rayon – it is not easy to knot them. It is very pretty but the work will be tedious. Midway the knot will slip and you will end up frustrated. One way out is to dampen the thread to build up some resistance. 

Choices in Macrame cords/string

different types of cord

Natural cords include cotton, linen, jute and Synthetic cords made of polyester, nylon, rayon and acrylic are the usual choices. Then there are leather cords. T-shirt yarn. Thicker projects call for thick Ropes.
Macramé cords come in different sizes of diameter. Small macrame cords are usually 1-2 mm diameter in size. Medium ones are 3mm to 5mm. Most of the macrame projects are done with this size. Large macrame cords are 6mm and above in diameter and are used to make large projects
Cotton cord 
types of cotton cords
The most common cord used in macrame is the cotton cord. There are 3 types of cotton cord

1.Single twist macramé cord

2.3-ply twisted macrame cord

3.Braided cord.

Twisted or three ply cord
It is made of three single strands of fibers twisted together to make one big strand or rope.
Single twist macramé cord
Single strand cord is the easiest to work with and fringes nicely.
Braided Cord
In this cord, the strands are plaited instead of twisted. Eg. Venetian blind cord. When you see a braided cord, you will be tempted by its beauty. But braided cord is not the most ideal cord for all your macramé projects. Braided cords give you a strong hold when you tie them with various knots but they are very difficult to fringe.
Thread for Macrame jewelry

You can use synthetic threads made of rayon or silk for making macrame jewelry ; it is very pretty. These threads have a sheen which will make your jewelry look beautiful.

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