10 Basic Knots you can use for sewing & crafts {How to tie them}

Knots – Talking to people interested in outdoor sports and adventures, one would think your whole life depended on learning to make some of these knots. Not for me, Not in your life. When you spend almost 365 days indoors sewing and dreaming of clothes and then writing about it, knots do not make much of a difference, not really.  But I know that learning one or two of them can make my sewing life ‘not too bad’.( If you noticed the puns it was all unintended)

Lame puns aside, Knots can really be helpful to you in many ways- to make buttons ( for eg: Chinese closures), for beadwork (for eg: to knot between pearls in necklaces), to tie bag handles, and belts and many other things. 

10 best knots for sewing & crafting

1. Basic Overhand Knot

This is the most basic of all knots.

To make this knot take a piece of yarn/wire/string and cross the ends; bring up left leg through the loop.

basic knot

Pull tight to form the knot. To secure the overhand knot make another one. 

2. The Eight Knot

This is a classic Knot used in stringing pearls. After you string a pearl or bead this knot is made which secures the bead and keeps it in place.

make knots

To make this knot first twist the yarn as in the picture below.

make basic knots

Take the bottom leg inside the loop following a pattern of over and under- refer yellow line in picture

Tighten to form the knot.


3. Lark’s head

This is a basic anchoring knot – the kind used to tie your yarn to some object. It is not the tightest knot but a very simple knot to tie.

basic knot

Keep your yarn bend under the object, in this case, a D ring as in the picture below.

basic type of knots

Keep the loop in place under the ring, take the legs (both) of the yarn through the loop following the yellow marking below. Just pull tight and the simple knot is tied in place.

basic kinds of knots

4. Lark’s head knot variation

This variation of the lark’s head knot is a tighter one.

make a knot

Follow the pictures for making this knot.

make a knot easily

making knot

making knots

make knot diy

making knot

5. Fisherman’s Knot

fishermans knot

This knot secures two strings together. Cross the two strings as in the picture below.

Tie the ends of the strings to the body of the string on either side. In the picture below one side knot is tied. Do the same with the other side as well.

6. Josephine Knot

This knot joins two strings in a very attractive knot. If used with thick or multiple yarns it can look like a beautiful motif.

basic knots

Take two strings/yarn; keep one of them crossed as in the picture below.

basic knots

Take the other string and keep it under the first yarn facing up – one of the crossed legs of the first yarn should be overlapping the second one – refer picture below.

basic types of knots

Bring down the left leg of the second yarn and go over under over the loops of the yarn – yellow markings in the picture below.

basic kind of knots

types of knots

Pull the legs gently to tighten the knot.

basic knots

basic knot

7. Turk’s head knot (Button knot).

making knots

Check out this post for more details on how to make a Turk’s head knot

8. Square knot

basic type of knots

A very easy knot joining two pieces of strings together. Fold the strings and keep the bends facing each other, one on top of the other.

basic knots

Insert the folds into each other as in the picture below.

Take the end legs of the left string down through the loop of the other string -follow the arrows.

basic knot types

Pull tight and you have this small cute little knot.

9. Looped knot.

This gives a small loop on one end with the knot tightening on its neck.

basic knot

Make three coils on your finger or a pencil – the coils ought to be loose.

basic knots

Bring the right side coil to the left side.

basic knots

Take that coil down and pull through the coils.

basic knots

diy knots

Slide out this loop carefully out of your fingers or the pen and tighten it by pulling it by the loop.

10. Triple Ring Knot (Coil knot)

basic knot types

A very attractive knot, which is very easy to make. Make an overhand knot with your yarn.

making knots

Make coils with the upper end of the yarn around the loop.

make knots

Pull tight to form the knot.

If you are getting more interested in learning about other knots (there are 100 more ways) check out this webpage. The monkey’s fist knot looks very interesting.

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