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Make a Boho bracelet with Twine and Evil Eye beads

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Do you believe in Magic? or superstitions? Nowadays many may, after listening to all the gloomy news going around.

If you want only good things to happen to you, you may want to ward off all bad things from your life. Some call this the evil eye – the negative effects of other people’s envious thoughts about you. And contrarily, even too much love is also thought of as something to be wary of.

The concept of the evil eye has been a prevalent belief all over the world for a long long time and many people still believe this in many parts of the world and take precautions to prevent the ill effects of the evil eye. Using blue beads with the eye symbol embedded as a talisman is one such way. If you want protection from the evil eye, you can use these beads on your jewelry or as embellishments on accessories.

Here is an easy-to-make boho-style bracelet made with a twine interwoven with the blue evil eye beads.

evil eye bead bracelet diy 3 (1)


To make this bracelet you need some evil eye beads, twine (or macrame cord), a thin needle to insert through the bead (it should be able to go through the bead hole with the twine- check it to ensure it will go through- you may need to use some force), clasps for the bracelet.

evil eye bead bracelet diy

Fold a 40-inch twine by half, keep it together with a 15 inch long twine – together you have 3 strands. Keep this in front of you. You will be knotting these three strands.

Cut 7-10 inch length of twine. Keep this folded under the previous twines.

evil eye bead bracelet diy

Make a lark’s head knot over the twine with this smaller twine. Check out this post on basic knots here for learning how to make a lark’s head knot.

evil eye bead bracelet diy

This will knot all your twines together. Apply a little glue to the knot to secure it.

Now you can start your knotting. You can cut off the tail of the 15 inch long twine or incorporate it into the knotting. (See the left tail in the picture below)

evil eye bead bracelet diy

After you have made some knots, you will be inserting the bead on the middle twine.

I will first explain the knotting that is used in making this bracelet.

evil eye bead bracelet diy

Turn the right strand (red) to the left – Keep the left (violet) strand under the red one.

evil eye bead bracelet diy

Now bring the blue through the red strand’s loop (as in the picture below).

evil eye bead bracelet diy

Tighten the knot.

evil eye bead bracelet diy

evil eye bead bracelet diy

Make more knots, the same way.

evil eye bead bracelet diy

Keep your knotted twine held somewhere tightly so that you can knot easily. I kept it on a clip board.

Make some 4 knots as described earlier.

Insert the bead in between (on the middle twine), after the first 4 knots. Continue making knots. Then insert bead again and repeat.

When you have made a 7 inch knotted twine stop and tie a knot. The length depends on your wrist circumference. Measure your wrist circumference, minus the clasp length and you can decide on the knotted twine you need. Apply glue to the knot to prevent the knot unravelling.

Attach the clasps on your bracelet and wait for your good luck or atleast keep the bad luck away. If you do not like the scrappy look of this bracelet, make it with simple cotton cord or even leather cord.

evil eye bead bracelet diy

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