Make Beaded Bracelets : 7 easy ways

Learn to make different types of bracelets using beads including double stranded beaded bracelet, beads charm bracelets

Beaded bracelets are the end game in bracelets. The most simple single-string beaded bracelets to mutliple layered beaded bracelets – we have all had these at one point or the other.

Bead bracelet ideas

You can make beaded bracelets in many ways – all of them quite easy (Yes, some are quite difficult, but I wouldn’t go there)

How to make beaded Bracelets

Single string bead bracelet

make simple stringed beaded bracelets

A single-string bead bracelet can be made this way.

Attach lobster clasp to the string /elastic thread

Take a lobster clasp and thread measuring double the length of your bracelet. Remember to take into account the length of the fastener you are using.

String your nylon thread (I am using fishing line type thread) through the hole in the lobster clasp. You have a double thread now for stringing the beads. 

Now start stringing the beads through the two ends of the thread.

string beads to make a beaded bracelet

When you reach the end simply tie the two threads to each other 

when you reach the end stop and attach a ring

Then attach a jump ring and tie again. That is it.

Tie the strings to the ring to secure the bracelet

PS – You can use a bead tip at the end to conceal any knot – When you make a knot, first make a loop and keep a pin in the loop and then tighten the knot. Now use the pin to get the knot inside the bead tip. Ensure that the knot is big enough not to slip through the hole in the bead tip. If it is, make another till it fills up.

Double strand beaded bracelet

double stranded beaded bracelet DIY

Thread the lobster clasp with thread the same way as described earlier.

Thread two beads through the two ends. Now branch out the thread and thread beads through the threads individually. I threaded 8 beads. Now again bring the threads together and insert 2 beads.

Attach lobster clasp to two layers of string; string two seed beads; then string seed beads seperately on the two strings

Continue this till you have enough length.

Finish enough to complete the bracelet

Attach the jump rings and the clasp as usual.

Elastic cord bracelet

bead bracelet strung on elastic thread

You can simply thread the needed beads on a stretchy cord for making the easiest of bracelets. The beads should be big enough the hide the knot you will make in the end. You can make several tight knots to secure the bracelet.

stringing beads on elastic thread for bracelet making

The finished bracelet should be snug enough to not slide down the hand and should be loose enough to not need any fastener. 

Woven bead tape bracelet

I would not tell you how to make bead tape – you can learn how to make it here – How to make beaded tape by weaving on a beading loom

beaded tape for bracelets

Here are some more easy patterns that you can use to make these beaded tapes.

easy patterns for beaded tape

This can be attached to a fastener for a nice little beaded bracelet, but you will need to make loops on either side of this tape to the clasps.

Make a loop in the way described below.

Attach the thread on one side of the beaded tape.

make loops for beaded tape bracelet making

String 14 beads on your needle. Bring it down.

stringing beads to make beaded bracelets

Now take the needle through the 9the bead down (Mine is a bigger bead).

make loop with extra seed beads for beaded bracelet _Tutorial

This will create a hoop. String 5 more beads on the needle and then take the needle down and attach the other side of the tape.

make loop for bracelets with beaded tape

You have a hoop now on which the jump ring can be attached. Do this for the other edge also. 

attach the loop for beaded bracelet and a ring at the end as fastener

Knotted or braided bead bracelet

evil eye bead bracelet diy 3 (1)

If you have string or cord it can be knotted or braided around beautiful beads to make simple bracelets. Learn how to make an easy one here – How to make an evil eye bracelet. 

Corded bead bracelet

make bead cord and attach to ribbon or cords for an easy bracelet

I will tell you how to attach a cord to either side of a bar or a beaded cord or a locket with holes on either side to convert it into a nice bracelet.

You will need two cords which are thin enough to go through the hole, when it is double. 

assemble cord and the beaded cord for making the bracelet

Cut out the cord in double the length of what you need for one side.

Insert the looped side through the hole on your bar (I have made thread loops on either side of my beaded cord. Check out this post on making this kind of beaded cord here). 

Thread the cord through the end loops on the beaded cord

Turn the ends of the cord and insert them through the loop.

Insert the ends of the cord through the loop and tighten to form the bracelet

Tighten it – this will form a knot there.

make the overhead knot on the side of the beaded cord

Make similar knot on the other side.

make the knots of the beaded bracelet on wither side

Attach crimp ends at the end of the cord and add fasteners and you have a cute bracelet.

Add the lobster clasp and the rings to the bracelet as fastener

Charm bead bracelet

making charm bead bracelet - tutorial

Charm bracelets with beads  – you can attach any type of beads to chains in this way. You need eye pins for this and the chain, and fasteners.

Add fasteners to the chain.

Cut enough chain for the braceket and add fasteners at the ends

Insert the eye pin through the hole of the bead.

insert eye pins through the beads

Bend the top portion of the eye pin to look like the head of the eye pin with the help of a plier. The metal of the eye pins are quite malleable and will bend nicely with the help of the plier.

Make as many as you want on your bracelet.

Attach to the chain with the help of jump rings.

Add the charms with beads on the chain

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