5 Simple Designs for Beaded Tapes & How to make your own designs

Very easy to make designs for making your own beaded tape trims for clothes and accessories.

beaded tape designs

Bling is all the trend nowadays and beaded tapes can be the ultimate in bling. If you want to bring in that 2000s flashiness that is all the rage now, incorporate these shimmery beaded tapes in your fashion. They can also look understated and elegant when made with subtle colored beads and used as trims in all the right places. Other than embellishing clothes, beaded tapes can be used to make jewelry like chokers, bracelets and even to decorate fashion accessories like shoes, bags etc.

These bead tapes are very easy to make, though they look very complicated. They are made on a wooden beadweaving loom so you will have to Learn to make your own beaded tape on a wooden beading loom

What do you need to make Beaded tapes?

You need a wooden beading loom ; Other than this you also should have a thin and long beading needle and the seed beads to do the bead weaving. Beads should ideally be uniformly made – ie all of the same sizes.

making beaded tape trim on a wooden beading loom

If you want to make long beaded tapes, you will have to get the kind of bead weaving loom that can be extended; for medium-sized tapes, inexpensive beading looms with fixed length would do.

This bead making is basically a weaving technique – you will be tying warp threads on the loom and the beads will form the weft.

super easy designs for beaded tape

Quite easy to do once you get the knack of it. And after some time, it comes as second nature.

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5 easy designs for making the beaded tapes

Design 1

DIY beaded tape  iwith heart design

Who doesnot love a heart. You can make beaded heart design this way. 

Draw the heart design on a graph paper

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beaded tape- heart shape

For a design of 9 beads you will have to stretch 10 warp threads on your beading loom. And then take 9 beads on your needle for every row (Weft)

seperate each row of the heart design so that you can thread the beads on the needle easily
beaded tape trim in the shape of a heart

Take the beads across the warp threads, inserting each bead inside the gap between threads, by pushing the beads from under the threads using your forefinger. You can learn more in detail on the above mentioned page on beadweaving on a loom.

heart shaped beaded tape trim

Insert the needle through the beads (the beads should be projected above the warp threads when you insert the needle)

beaded tape trim in heart shape

If you follow the pattern, in no time you will have a beaded tape with nice heart motifs.

heart shaped beaded tape - make your beaded trim

Design 2

beaded tape trim  with zig zag design - with blue and light blue beads interspersed with white

This is an arrowhead design. If you make it in contrasting color the shape will stand out better. With similar colors, the effect is subtle but pleasing.

make zig zag design on the graph paper - use the colors you want on the graph
seperate the design so that the rows are clear

This design is not as easy to do as the heart because each row involves changing the pattern. So you have to pay a little more attention. No watching serials as you do it, that is all.

Thread the needle with the beads
arrowhead design for beaded tapes

But it is worth the effort, don’t you think?

Design 3

beaded tape
beaded tape with wavy pattern
make a beading tape with beads on a loom

Design 4

geometrical pattern on the beaded tape
designs for beaded tape

Design 5

beaded tape trim
beaded tape

How to design your own beading tape patterns

Designing new beaded tape patterns is quite easy if you have chart paper with grid lines or simple beading papers with grid lines or even MS Paint on your computer and you have some time to spare to rack your brains for new patterns. Cross stitch patterns make great beading tape patterns. 

Designing the grid lines on MS Paint

Open paint and make a rectangle as in the picture below.

how to design beaded tape

Now select this table with your select tool and press the copy button.

design beaded tape patterns

Now select the transparent selection option.

design beaded tape patterns

And then paste it. Now you can bring it close to the other existing rectangle.Align the edges.

Continue doing this – making tables, then copying it and then pasting them together until you have a big enough table with vertical grid lines.

design patterns for beaded tape with mspaint

Select the whole table and then paste it again.

Now press the rotate option. Rotate to 90 degrees. You will get the vertical lines of the new table to turn to horizontal lines. 

design grid lines for making patterns for beaded tape

Align them to match the existing square.You have nice gridlines which can be used for designing the bead tapes.

grid lines made on paint

Select the fill button and fill each grid with the color you want for each of the beads.

fill individual grids with color
fill the grids with the colors suitable for the tape

Are you now up to designing and making your own beaded tapes?

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