10 Unique {FABRIC TRIMS} to embellish your fabric

Fabric trims are accents that add an extra finishing touch to your sewing.They turn your finished garments/accessories from ordinary to extraordinary.

Fabric trims are available in all forms – simple as well as very ornate. These trims make perfect embellishments for a variety of garments like the edges of your scarves and dupattas, veils, headbands, belts, the hems of your skirts and blouses, shrugs, tunics and not to say what it does to a kids’ dress pattern you have decided to sew for your daughter. They are used extensively in wedding wear, hats, bags , purses; even your slippers can be decorated with these beautiful trims

Checkout the 10+different types of Fabric trims available which can turn your ordinary garment to just wow. 

1 Lace Trims.

The best trims in my opinion are Laces. Laces can be made of Nylon, Rayon, Spandex, Cotton, Polyester, silk and even elastic. Lace is one of the most beautiful and expensive of all fabrics. When added as a trim it adds a special beauty to the fabric.You also find many other delightful trims like ribbons, ric rac trims which can turn you into an instant designer.Checkout this post on my favourite types of lace fabric and lace trims

lace trims


Ribbons are usually made of nylon and satin and is used extensively as embellishments. Those made of nylon come in broader designs where as satin ribbons are mostly narrow. Nowadays printed ribbons are also vey popular. Ribbon embroidery is a decoration which is very popular and uses thin satin ribbon. Nylon ribbons are also used for making artificial flowers. For more details on how to make trims using ribbon check out the post ” 5 easy to make Ribbon Trims

diy ribbon trims

Check out this post on the 15 types of ribbon for more details  the type of ribbons you can use

different types of ribbons

You can make beautiful flowers with ribbons and add them as embellishments as well – check out this post on 6 types of ribbon roses you can make 

ribbon rose making diy


This refers to plaited silver or metallic or cotton threads which are used to decorate fabric. There are many types of braids – one is a narrow rounded braid with center sewing ditch, which is mostly used for draw strings, button loops, lacing; then there is a narrow flat braid used for an accent trim; then there are cotton loop braids which are novelty decorative edging( also used for lacing)




These consists of a header and  long threads hanging from it which are in a uniform pattern.They are usually made of cotton, satin wool and even leather.Checkout the post on making 9 different types of fringes

make fringe trims


5.Embroidered / beaded tape

fabric trims

This is a tape with embroidery weaved in it or decorated with sequins and beads and sequins. This can be made of silk, cotton, nylon and satin. You usually see floral and geometrical  embroidery in these tapes.


6.Rope cords and strings

These are thin strands of fibers twisted together and are used extensively as an embellishment. These are trims usually used in home decor. They are also used in garments especially for period costumes.Satin cords are used as fabric trims for bridal veils, to make necklaces etc. Satin cords are very shiny on the surface.Nylon satin cords and rayon satin cords are very popular.Leather cords, metallic cords are also available


This is a strip of fabric , usually bias strip for elasticity, folded over a cord or string, forming a ‘pipe’  used to trim edges or style lines of fabric. This embellishment looks very striking when a contrasting colored fabric is used. Checkout the post on making and sewing piping. They are used on armsyces, necklines and hems with beautiful effect.

8.Pom Poms

make a pom pom diy tutorial

These are small balls made of fibers. They are  used as trims in hats and other clothing. Pom poms are added to military hats in France and other countries. Check out the  7 different ways to make pompoms

9 Tassels

Tassels are attached to hems of garments and scarves as a great looking trim. Checkout the many ways of making tassels.

how to make tassels

10 Bias Binding

Binding the cut edges with bias cut fabric strips is a favourite trim for many designers. When used creatively it can greatly enhance the look of garments. Checkout the posts on making bias binding as well as tutorial for binding cut edges with bias binding


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Even without adding any fabric trim you can embellish your fabric – just add of any the decorative edge finishing stitches mentioned here

decorative edges

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