How to make a 4 Strand Braid

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4 strand- braids

You can braid 4 strands of yarn, cords, rope, silk or metallic gimp thread, fabric tubes etc to form a thick braid that you can use in several ways like trimming, making jewelry, etc. And there is more than one way of making this very useful and versatile 4-strand braid.

How to make a braid with 4-strands

Method 1 for a 4-Strand Braid

This is a particular type of braid called the ladder braid in which the middle strands stays the same. The outer braids are worked into knots over the core strands in the middle.

For making this type of braid, you will need 2 types of strands. Two strands are kept in the middle as the core strands. Two strands are kept on either side of the core strands are the working strands.

How to braid 

Step 1. Keep the strands in front of you. Tie the strands at the top.

I have taken different colored strands so that the method can be easily explained.

Tie the 4 cords together at the top

Step 2. Turn the left strand (Pink strand) towards the right, above the rest of the strands.

The left cord turned to the right

Step 3. Take the right strand (Yellow strand) and bring it over the pink one.

Bring the right cord for the 4 strand braid, on top of the left one

Step 4. Turn the yellow strand behind the core strands to the left

Take it under the whole to the left

Step 5. Bring up the yellow strand through the loop of the pink strand.

Tighten the knot that is made

Step 6. Pull the strands taut to tighten the knot.

make these knots again and again to make the 4 strand braids

Continue doing this till you have finished making this beautiful 4-strand ladder braid.

The 4 strand braid
Method 2 for a 4-Strand Braid

Step 1 Line up your 4 strands.

the 4 cords to make a 4 strand braid

Step 2 Turn the right hand side strand (blue strand) over the left strand (yellow strand)

the right one taken over the next cord

Step 3 Bring the left strand (Green strand) over the 2 right side strands (orange strand and the blue strand you turned earlier)

Take the left one over the others to the third position

Step 4 The earlier sequence is to be repeated. Ie the right strand (yellow) is turned to the left over the left strand (green strand)

Bring the right one over the second one

Step 5 Orange strand is turned to the right over two strands Yellow and blue. 

Continue turning the left cord to the right

Tighten the braid and continue doing these till you get a nice and thick braid.

4-strand braid

Method 3 for a 4-Strand Braid

The method used here is the same as the above one. But the difference is in using 2 light strands and 2 dark strands. This will create a chevron effect on your braid.

4-strand braid with a zig zag pattern

Step 1. Take 2 dark strands and 2 light strands. Keep the dark strands on either side of the middle light strands. 

for making this 4-strand braid lay out your 4 cords, use plaster to keep it fixed in front of you

Step 2. Bring the right strand (dark one) over the light strand on its left.

Bring the right cord over the next one

Step 3. Bring the left dark strand over the next two strands (light and dark ones)

bring the left cord over the next cord for the 4 strand braid making

Step 4. Repeat the above steps, tighten the braiding and you will get a nice chevron effect 4-strand braid.

4 strand braid

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