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7 Strand Braid {Tutorial}

7 strand braid

If you have got all those 7 strands, you have got to be confused. But this braid is anything but confusing. It is one of the simplest braids you can make. Just 2 moves done right and you have a thick flat braid in your hands. 

Take your 7 strands. I always tape or pin my cords in place so that it is easy to make the braid. Here I have kept it on a paper board.

how to make a 7-strand braid

Take the left side yarn (blue one here) and overlap it over the second strand(green). 

making a seven strand braid


Now bring the far right strand over the next 5 strands in an over, under, over, under, over fashion. Refer the picture below for clarification.

how to make braid with 7 strands

Bring it up to tighten the braid.

7 strand braid making tutorial

Repeat what you did earlier. ie bring the left strand (now it is green) to the right by overlapping the strand on its right (red now)

making 7strand braids- tutorial

Take the far right strand and move it over to the second position as it was done earlier – over, under, over, under, over. Tighten as you make each move.

how to make briad with 7 strands

And then again repeat.

At no point should you change the sequences. There are only 2 moves. It is not very difficult to master these and make your pretty 7-strand braid

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