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7 types of beautiful TASSELS and How to make them

DIY Tassels – Making them to decorate your clothes.how to make tassels


make a tassel

1.Easy tassels with thread

Take a bunch of thread (one whole embroidery floss would do) and keep it around your cord as in the picture below.

Learn how to make your own cord here.

make tassels

Tie at the head catching the cord and the thread, some 1/2 inch from the top

make tassels

Bring the whole thread to the front, flipping it. Tie another thread to catch the whole thread some 1/2 inch down. 

how to make tassels

Fluff up your tassel threads with a hair comb.

2. Another simple embroidery thread tassel

how to make tassels

This is a very easy method to make tassels. Just take embroidery floss and some yarn.


Wrap the yarn in the middle tightly and when finished glue the end of the thread to secure it.

how to make tassels

Bend the middle portion and tie with another piece of yarn.

making tassels wih embroidery thread

Cut off the excess floss.

make DIY tassels

Get your tassel really fluffy by running a comb over the thread. This will separate the floss and really fluff it out.

You can make INSTANT TASSELS from Embroidery thread skeins . If you have an unused skein of embroidery thread just tie a thread at the middle ( or on the fold in one side if you want a thinner tassel) and fold it. Insert a folded thread a little above the skein, like it is explained above. Then tie another thread at the neck, holding all of the threads together. Cut off the thread fold at the bottom. Level the threads.You have a beautiful tassel in your hand, with a hanging thread.

2. Make simple tassels of any size with any thread

how to make tassels

You can use rayon thread for very shiny tassels.

Step 1.

First, decide on the length of the tassel you want. Cut out a piece of cardboard that is 1/2 inch longer than this. Your fingers can replace this if you are in a hurry. I think I have seen someone use a fork to make tassels. 

(If you are not using the cardboard make a bundle of threads which are about  18″ long. It’s easier to start longer and trim, than to use pieces which are short and hard to handle.)

how to make tassels

Step 2.

Wrap embroidery cotton thread around the cardboard; some 20 times is what I have done. When you wrap remember that the tassel will be as thick as the thread on both sides of the cardboard.

Remember to keep the threads on the center of the cardboard and not spread out. Also make sure you are not wrapping the thread too tight that the cardboard is bending or too loose that the loops are slipping out. The tension should be even.

Stop the wrapping when you feel it has reached the thickness you want.

Step 3


Now we have to remove it from the form.

Cut out a piece of thread, thread it through a thick needle . Slip the needle between the cardboard and the thread loops. Tie a knot.


Slip the  loop from the cardboard carefully.Once it is off the form cut away any tails.


Step 4.

Tie the tassel at the neck. Neck is some 1/4 inch from the top. Cut out 6 inch of full strand of embroidery thread or thin metal wire to secure and attach the loops of tassel.Wrap this thread or wire over the loops some 1/4 inch down from the knot you just made. Tie securely.You can also use thin satin ribbons for this.
You can make a head for the tassel ( used to cover the head of the tassel) using beads, or even polymer clay.

Step 5

Cut all the ends of the tassels evenly with a sharp scissors. Separate the yarns.Thread some beads and tie it to the car keys. If I had added some metallic thread in between it would have added a sparkle in between

Separate the strands for a fuller look to the tassels.


I found this Tassel earring in a showroom which is stunning, which is completely doable 

3. How to make tassels from  fringe trims

This is also a quick tassel ; Infact it is the easiest. You just need to have the ready made fringe and some cord to tie it.

Checkout this post on the 9 different types of fringes and ways to make them.

Cut out 10 inch of the cord. Tie a knot at one end of this cord.
Apply craft glue on the fringe base and some around the knot.
Wrap the fringe around this knot tightly. The fringe should cover the knot at least once all around. I am using simple fabric frayed at the edges to make the fringes.

make tassels with fringe trims
You can wrap with thread at the base instead of relying on glue. It will look like this.

Turn the whole thing to the front.

make your own tassels

Just under the knot use a thread to tie tightly securing the fringe to the cord.cut out the thread tails.

Now turn the fringe upside down so that the knot is inside the fringe threads 
Now use another thread to tie at the neck of the fringe 1/4 inch from the top.


4. How to make tassels in suede or leather

leather tassels

You need to find very soft material to make these very elegant and modern looking tassels. They look great attached to bags and purses. I even made a keychain tassel with a faux leather scrap piece but the constant use is killing it. 

You need to cut out two pieces of the material to make this tassel. One for the loop, and other the fringes. And maye be a piece to wrap around the top for a neat look.

Cut out one rectangle of size 10 inch by 4 inch for a bigger tassel or 4 inch by 2 inch for a medium one and one rectangle of 2 inch by 1/4 inch.

Cut out the pieces as follows, or as you like it.

make leather tassels

Make lines starting from one side spaced 1/8 inch ending 1/2 inch from the top. Cut out these lines carefully with scissors; you have a leather fringe in your hand.

Attach the ends of the smaller rectangle together to make the loop. Use binder clips to keep them together till the glue dries off.

making leather tassels

Here is another easy one. 2 strips of leather folded and inserted through a ring. 

Use wooden bead on top of the tassel for a rustic charm. 

tassel making tutorials

5. How to make bead tassels

how to make tassels

how to make tassels


Beaded tassels – supplies 
Assorted beads ( seed beads, bugle beads crystal beds)
Beading needle
Upholstery thread 

Step 1

Determine the amount of length you need for the tassel. The thread would need to be double that plus 1 inch.Cut 5 pieces of that length from the thread.

Step 2.
On each of the sewing threads, tie one end; String a big bead then small beads in a sequence then another big bead and tie a knot.
Make some 4-5 strings like this

Step 3.
Fold this strings by half . Insert a piece of thread into the fold and tie the whole thing together.

Fix knots in silk thread with clear nail polish (use two coats) when dry, trim.

Step 4.

Finish off with a bead cap. You can also simply add a big bead on top through the hanging thread. 

These tassels can be sewn to the ends of shawls or dupattas as individual strands

Checkout this post – 8 ways to make beaded tassels and edge beading for more details

bead tassels

6. Make cord tassels

You can make very pretty tassels from cord. A cord consists of a bunch of fibers twisted together. If you tie them and then release the fibers you get fluffy tassels.

make your own tassels

Fold 2 or 3 cords together by the middle and tie them at the neck as in the picture below.

make tassels

Twist the rest to make a clover shape. You can stitch this in place and then tie the neck again.

Fluff the fibers to get the look of a tassel. You can use silk cord or cotton cord for this, depending on the shine you want. Check out this post on the different types of cords you can use for this.

7. How to make Sari Tassels ( Sari Kuchu)

sari tassels

Sari tassels are used in the hems of the pallus of saris. They add to the beauty of the sari. Some silk saris will have thread hanging down for making these tassels, you just need to tie them. You donot have to add extra tassels here.These tassel threads are made of warp threads of the sari fabric. 

But sometimes you may need to add extra sari tassels. You can make them with simple hand embroidery threads or machine embroidery threads

How to add extra tassels to sari pallus

1. Finish the hem of the sari as usual with a rolled hem or a picot edge or a zig zag stitch.
2. Cut out 10 strands of thread ( machine embroidery thread is best) of about 6 inches ( or more if you want longer tassels or layers of tassels). More number of strands will result in thicker tassel. Fold them by half.

how to make a tassel
3. Make a series of small holes in the hem at regular intervals. Draw the folded thread through one such hole half way through. ( not fully) 

how to sew a tassel

how to make sari pallu tassels
4. Insert the other end ( loose thread end) through this  loop so that a knot is formed

HOW TO SEW A tassel for saris
5. Tie the neck of the tassel with a piece of thread, to secure it. Cut off the tails of this thread.

6. You can now trim the tassel threads now or continue tying the tassels.  

The long length of tassels can be tied again for layers of tassels. The first tassel is parted into half. One part is tied together with a part of nearby tassel. Basically you Part the tassel threads into sections and tie them to each other. Use beads stringed onto the tassel threads for a very beautiful and ornate look to your sari.
7. Trim the loose threads evenly after all the ties has been done.

sari kucchu

Once you have started making tassels you will find plenty of ways to use it , so don’t worry; Go ahead and make a lot. Don’t ask me how I know. 

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