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3 types of Heart Blocks you can make – for applique & patchwork

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Heart blocks ! Don’t run away. This is not the dreadful heart block that you fear. These are fabric heart blocks that will delight you. You can use it for embellishing your various sewing projects.  

Here are 3 easy ways to make heart shapes with fabric. They are beautiful as heart signs invariably are.

Super simple heart block

I bet you have drawn a lot of hearts in the past. Today nobody needs to – numerous heart emojis convey our heart and all that the sign entails easily enough.

But if you want a fabric heart, this is it. This is the absolute easy way to draw a heart and cut it out.

This method of making a heart is perfect if you have to want to cut out a lot of hearts in the same dimensions. You can get uniform looking symmetrical heart shapes easily.

Draw a circle shape on a piece of interfacing or on the fabric you mean to cut the heart out of.

heart applique block

Fold this shape so that a small portion of the heart is folded to the back.

heart applique block

Now mark the bottom part of the heart.

heart applique block

Cut it out. You have a symmetrical heart shape.

heart applique block

If you are using interfacing, adhere this on the fabric and then cut the fabric. Use it for your applique.

Another way to draw the heart shape

draw a heart


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Simple heart block

Cut out the following fabric pieces.

You need some white or pink or red (or whatever color you want the heart to be); and background color.


White (heart color) – 4  1/2″ square – 2 Nos.

Background color – 1  1/2″ square – 4 No. (Use 2 inch sqaures for deeper cuts)

White- 4  7/8″  Square  – 1 No.

Background color- 4  7/8″ square – 1 No.

Take both the 4 7/8 inch squares – Pink and white. Keep them together right sides to the inside.

Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other as in the picture below.

Now using a 1/4 inch seam allowance stitch on either side of this line. (You can mark this line and sew over it or just eyeball it or be very accurate use a 1/4 inch foot).

After sewing on both sides of the diagonal line cut through the middle line.

heart quilt block

When you open up you get two squares like this. Perfect half square triangles  of size 4 1/2″

You can see more details on how to cut and sew half-square triangles here.

Take the red squares ( 4 1/2″) and the small white squares (1 1/2″)

Take one red square and place one white square on one corner of the red square. Sew along the diagonal mark. Cut off the extra.

heart block

Do the same for the adjacent corner.

Take the other red square and do the same with the other white squares. 

This forms the top portion of your heart.

Join your blocks to complete the heart

Vary the colors to get a different effects. You can change the size of the small squares on top to get differently shaped hearts


Striped Fabric heart

This is a fabric heart made of fabric strips. Collect shades of red or pink fabric pieces for making this heart block.

Mixed shades of red – To make this heart cut out 2 inch wide strips – 7. inches long – 3 nos.

Red color – Cut out 3 1/2 inch wide strip – 5 inches long – 1No.; Background color / white – Cut out 3 1/2 inch wide strip – 5 inch long – 1No. Cut one short edge of both the pieces a little off, as in the picture below with 1.5 inch projecting on one side. 

Join the 2-inch wides strips together.

Join the 3 1/2 inch strips together at the diagonally cut short edges to form a long strip.

Join this to the other joined striped piece.

Square your heart block.

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