33 Different types of Bracelets

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A bracelet is a jewlery that encircles the wrist – it is usually a somewhat flexible band of material wrapped around the wrist. It can be made of leather, metal, plastic, beads or even paper, but that is not it. There are many different purposes to wearing it, ways of wearing it, and accordingly many different types of bracelets. Here are some of them. 


Bar Bracelet

A bar bracelet will have a thin rectangular bar shaped element on the front. It is usually attached to a chain. 

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Beaded bracelet

Bracelets made of different types of beads – it can be woven beaded tape or beaded cord or a single string of beads. Learn different ways to make beaded bracelets here.

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Bio Magnetic Bracelet

Therapeutic bracelets with magnets attached are meant to heal the body with magnetic energy.

Birthstone Bracelet

A bracelet with a birthstone attached to it. Birthstones are attached for luck and good fortune.

what is th ename of this bracelet

Boho Bracelet

Most of the colorful beaded, multilayered bracelets can be said to be boho bracelets. 

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Braided Bracelet

Braiding different types of cords to make a bracelet is a common practice. It is then attached to simply fasteners to make attractive bracelets.

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Metal Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets are made of metals in gold and silver colors; expensive ones can be made of gold, or platinum and cheaper ones are available in rhodium plated silver and silver plated alloys.  When they are chunky and heavy it gives off a rugged vibe. 

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Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a draped chain bracelet with several charms added to it. Special amulets can be added to the chain links that are intended to bring luck and charm to the wearer.

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Cord Bracelet

This bracelet is made to show case a special amulet or bead.

cord bracelets

Crystal Bracelet

The crystal stones in these bracelets are supposed to have healing properties.

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Cuff Bracelet

 A wide bracelet – can be made of fabric, metal, leather, plastic. 

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Filigree Bracelet

Metal bracelets with delicate filigree work.

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Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are made by one friend for another to celebrate their friendship.

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Leather cuff Bracelet

Once upon a time, leather cuffs were signs of nobility and high rank. It was an important part of warrior gear. Today leather cuffs are associated with a punk fashion style.

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Letter or Name Bracelet

This type of bracelet will have beads or bars with letters or names engraved. Can be initials too.

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Link chain Bracelet

This simple and elegant bracelet consists of links. 

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Love, hope, happiness Bracelet

This is a very popular wording in bracelets. The bracelet can be made of anything but the wording looks the same. 

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Metal bracelets 

These are bracelets made of silver, gold, platinum or alloys which are silver or gold plated.

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Message /Meaningful words Bracelet

A bracelet with wordings engraved on it to convey a meaning. 

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Memory wire Bracelet

Memory wire is a flexible wire which stretches – no need for any fasteners for this type of bracelet.

memory wire bracelet

Open Bangle Bracelet

This looks like a bangle but differs in that it is open. 

open bangle type bracelet

Paracord Bracelet

This bracelet started as survival gear for paratroopers during World War II – It consists of more than 10 feet of paracord which can be used in emergencies. 

paracord bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

Single or multi layered pearl chains are used to make elegant bracelets. 

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Prayer Bracelet

The bracelet will be made of special beads which are used to chant prayers – you can count the chants on the beads of the bracelet. Some like the Rudraksha bead bracelets are supposed to have special magical powers. 

prayer bracelets

Rubber loom Bracelet

Bracelet made of colourful rubberbands and braided on a small loom. 

rubber loom bracelet

Rocker Bracelet

This type of leather bracelets with studs and skulls are staple of biker gear. 

Sailor knot bracelet

A bracelet with a sailor knot in the front. 

Stack/ Multi layered Bracelet

This bracelet comes in many layers. It has a very boho bohemian vibe, when it is made of beads and charms. 

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Slider Bracelet

This bracelet is so called because of the fastening which allows it to slide down the hands, when it is loosened. 

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Tennis Bracelet

So called because of its association with a Tennis legend, Chris Evert who wore this bracelet to a tennis event. It is a sleek bracelet made of a line of diamonds (original or fake) of the same size, shape and color set side by side. 

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Watch Bracelet

These bracelets come with a watch component in the front.

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Woven Bracelet

This consists of a tape which is woven on a tape loom.

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Yoga Bracelet

This refers to a single string of big beads with therapeutic properties. 

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