Drop-shoulder style in fashion

drop shoulder style

A drop shoulder style is one where the armhole extends and slopes down past the natural shoulder line. If there is a sleeve, it does not begin at the natural shoulder line but down below, usually 1-4 inches below. The main characteristic of a drop-shoulder style is that the bodice droops over the arms. It … Read more

Cross Stitch letters : Patterns for all alphabets

Are you fascinated by cross stich? If yes, you would want to decorate everything with these very simple stitches that can be used to embroider anything. Cross stitch letters used to embroider words and intials can make anything personalised for you. Here are the most simple patterns to embroider letters with cross stitch. These capital … Read more

Rose petal sachets to scent your wardrobe

scented rose sachets

Are you weary of all the chemicals already in your house? If so, you may not want to introduce more of them into your wardrobes in the guise of creating a pleasant smell there. Rose petal-filled sachets can make your wardrobe fresh smelling, no divine smelling – and best of all, no chemicals. And with … Read more

Lagenlook Fashion Style & the art of layering

Lagenlook is a distinctive fashion style that originated in Europe and has caught the imagination of women all over the world because of its quirky, sophisticated, and stylish layered clothing with unusual silhouettes. Lagenlook fashion is characterized by baggy clothing, asymmetrical cuts and an excess of layers The aesthetic is fluid and loose-fitting, with long … Read more

Sew comfortable elastic waist Lounge pants

This is tutorial to sew a very comfortable lounge pants. You can make these pants in comfortable cotton or knit fabrics. You also need 1.5 to 2 inch wide elastic. Step by step tutorial to sew elastic waist lounge pants Related posts : How to sew Pajama Pants; Make men’s pajama pants; How to sew … Read more

How to sew Sheer fabric Applique

sheer applique

Sheer appliques are embroidered patches made on a sheer fabric. Sheer fabric with embroidery (machine or hand embroidery) on top can be cut out, and this can be appliqued on fabric for a beautiful look. Here are the easy ways to do it. Sheer fabrics like organdy, organza or net are usually used for this … Read more

Stitch up a Double woven Bead chain : Tutorial

make bead chain

This is a tutorial to weave beads into a double strand completely joined together. This chain can be used as purse handles, embellishments for clothes and other accessories, making necklaces, bracelets, etc. Supplies needed for making this chain – You can use any type of round beads for making this type of chain, but they … Read more

How to re-cover a Lampshade with fabric

This post is about covering an old lampshade with pretty fabric and recycling it to be new again. Don’t judge me, please, looking at the state of the shade. But if you do, I wouldn’t blame you. This lampshade which was in storage is one of the catastrophes that I am used to. The shade … Read more

Make your own Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is used when traveling to tag your luggage as your own – chances of losing your luggage in transit is the same if you use luggage tag or not but getting it back increases a lot more because of the identifying information you share on it. You should write more than your … Read more

Make an easy Envelope Style Cushion cover with Piped edges

This is an easy cushion cover project with piping along the outer edges – no fastenings, just 3 pieces of fabric and some piping cord. Easy peasy, right? Step 1. Cut front and back fabric pieces for the cushion cover You need 3 fabric pieces for the cushion cover. One square fabric piece for the … Read more

Make a braided Rag Rug out of scraps from old clothes

Braiding fabric pieces cut out from rags (old useless clothes) and then sewing them into rugs was once a necessity – people didn’t have money or access to the different types of rugs available for you and me; they had no choice but to use up the old clothes leftover after countless alterations, mending, recycling, … Read more

Make a Fabric Tray

I never get how some people have absolutely nothing in plain sight on their tables. My table always have lots of small knickknacks at all times – vaseline box, my watch, sunglass, chargers, kindle, pain balm, scissors, one or two thread spools, books, phone, other than the water-glass and coffee mug – I am just … Read more

How to sew a Pretty Patterned Bedsheet

This is a sewing tutorial to make a bedsheet with a patchwork design. Not a full-on patchwork in the truest sense but it looks like a patchworked fabric. And one you can make very fast; and with very neat seams. How to measure the bed for the bedsheet? To know the dimension of the bedsheet … Read more

The Quilting tools and materials you need to get started

If you can sew a straight line on your sewing machine you can make a quilt. I am not claiming that quilting is completely non-complicated. It is as complicated as you want it to be or make it to be. If you want to use the most detailed and intricate appliqued or patchworked blocks to … Read more

How to make a Cushion Cover for your throw pillow

This is a tutorial to sew 2 different types of cushion covers – a cushion cover with a hidden zipper opening in the back and another with a simple slip-on opening.   A square throw pillow is the best way to change the decor and vibe of any room. It is one of those moveable … Read more

How to sew a Pieced and Quilted Blanket – Easy sewing tutorial

No one has to tell you why you need a blanket on a cold night but there is something heavenly about putting the AC on full and lying completely cocooned under a cozy blanket, on a hot night (or day). Recently I told my husband “Nice weather” (I was, again cocooned under the blanket)  He … Read more

Make an Easy Placemat for your dining table

To tell you the truth, though I love fabric placemats, I may not use one on my dining table unless it is for a very very special occasion or I am serving only dry foods;  And whenever there is a soup, curry or sauce in my menu, out comes my washable, easily dryable non-stainable plastic … Read more

Coasters : 6 easy ways to make them (Sew & no sew methods)

My table looks so neat and pristine in this picture – But it is a lie! Usually, it has books, the laptop, papers, pens, fabric pieces, phone stand, tablet stand, teacups, water glasses, and the inevitable marks they leave behind, all over all the time. I have swept aside everything for taking this picture.  Teacups … Read more