How to make a round FLOOR CUSHION {with zippered opening}

Step by step Tutorial to sew a round shaped cushion with a back zippered opening

floor cushion with filling

You can make a simple round cushion easily enough but do you want to know how to make one with a neat zippered opening in the back to easily fill it up from time to time ( You will have to, if you are going to use it)? Here is how to make such a cozy floor cushion 

It is perfect for a reading nook. No, I didnot buy the turquoise colored books you can see in the picture below to match the cushion. Just saying if it crossed your mind :). Most of the book covers are printed in blue, red, black and white. There must be a logic behind it, would you know?

Sewing tutorial – Floor Cushion

reading nook cushion cover

Steps to sew floor cushion

Cut out the Cushion top circle

Cut out the circle for the cushion top

I have taken a circle of 37 inch diameter which makes a fairly large floor cushion. You may want it smaller or larger. Your cushion can be customised to the size you want – I guess next time I would make it full body size. I would love to lie down full-on on the fluffy beans filled cushion and read.

Circle marking

make homemade compass with pen and twine

Marking a nice circle neednot be all about your drawing capabilities ; with just some twine and a pen you can mark a perfect cicrle and repeat the process for more. Tie one end of the twine on a marking pen/pencil. Cut the other end of the twine as per the radius of the circle you want with just a little extra.

Use the twine & pen as a compass

Pin the cut end of twine at the center of your fabric. Move the pen in a circlular shape around marking your nice and big circle.

Cut back pieces – 2 half circles

mark the back pieces -2half circles

As the back pieces has to be joined with a zipper opening, you need a little extra for the back circle – for that fold the top circle by the middle and keep on top of your back piece fabric. One piece should be 1/2 inch bigger and the other 3 inches bigger

Half circles for the back

half circles for the back

One is 1/2 inch bigger than the half circle of the top; the other is 3 inches bigger

Long zipper -cut as needed

choose an appropriately long zipper

Choose an appropriately long zipper – it needs to be big enough for you to fill the cushion. I would select one that is 3/4 of the total length of the diameter.

Sew the zipper edge

keep the zipper face down on the circle and sew

Keep the zipper face down on the edge of the half circle (which is right side up) – sew in place. It is better to place it along the middle of the edge

Turn the zipper right side up

Bring the zipper right side up to the other side

Place the other half circle on top

keep other half circle on top

Align the edge of the next circle with the other edge of the zipper. Sew this also.

Zipper in the middle joining half circles

2 half circles joined together with the zipper

You have your back circle

Pinch the bigger half circle near the zipper

pinch the extra over the zipper

As one of the half circles was bigger, pinch the middle near the zipper so that there is a 1 1/2 inch lip above the zipper.

Edge stitch this lip

Sew along the edge of this lip so that it will stand out – you can skip this if you are too lazy and want the cushion made faster, some stitches earlier. I can understand. I am lazy too. The picture above shows how the lip (extra you pinched) looks above the zipper ed.

Sew the lip over the other edge

Keep the lip you have sewn over the other edge and sew in place – it will look as in the picture above – it will look like a placket – all you have to do is overlap the extra you have pinched over the other side fabric edge .

Back circle

The way the edge is sewn creates a nice space for the zipper – hidden from the eye but still there for filling later.

Cut fabric strips for the sides

cut out side edge fabric

Measure around the circle to find the perimeter and add seam allowance. Another method is to calculate the perimeter of your circle piece from its radius using the formula – 2 π r. ie 2 * 3.14* radius of the circle ; But whenever I use this, it always falls short by one or two inches so always measure the perimeter on your circle and evaluate. Cut fabric strip in this dimension and the width you need. I cut it 8 inches wide – just enough for the 37 inch diameter circle that I have.
Cut enough for the whole in one go (which may be impossible) or cut several pieces and join together.

Join the edges of the fabric strip

join the fabric strip edges

Pin and align the edges

Ensure that you have enough for the permeter of your circles; If not add extra

Sew the circle to the side fabric

Align the edges right sides to the inside, sew the circle edges and the fabric tube edges together.

Iron the seams open/clip seam allowance

The circlular seams may need some coaxing to behave. Iron the inside seam allowance open and also clip in places.

Sew the back circle

Keep the other circle, rightside down on top of the finished side. Sew the edges together. Remember to keep the back zipper open before you sew it closed (very important)

Cushion cover without filling

final cushion cover

Bring the cushion cover rightside out – it is floppy now but soon it will be a fluffy cushion.

Fill it up

floor cushion sewing diy

You can now fill your cushion with bean bag fillers – which is what I did. Emptied 2 bags full. I think I will need more.

The Lapped zipper part explained

back lapped zipper of the floor cushion

This is an extra explanation for the above step of lapped zipper for the back – Over lap the folded edge over the other edge (The zipper will now be hidden under the fabric fold)

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  1. This could also becme a doggie bed. That is what I am going to make for wee doggie and my big doggie. I two different sizes. Thanks for the info…

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