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{Bohemian Attire} 15 Elements of Boho style

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Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle usually involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits; followers of such a way of life are called bohemians and they dwell outside the bourgeois mainstream culture. Wikipedia

But you need not live on artistic or literary pursuits (very difficult to do so nowadays) or reject all burgeois practices (can’t live without Macdonalds or Iphone) to adopt the Bohemian style of clothing or as it is known today as the Boho chic style (a stylized version of the bohemian style).

The boho style stands for a lot of things we all want in life – a free nomadic lifestyle, adventures, care free spirit, individualism, creativity. These qualities are represented in the style in the form of these essential elements. 


1. Use of Natural materials

Woven or knitted fabric is favored over synthetic fabric in this style. Cotton, linen, velvet, silk, leather, suede, the fur are the chosen fabric on account of their being natural fabrics. Hand Crocheted cardigan or dress is an example.

Wooden beads and glass beads are preferred over plastic beads. Leather and canvas are preferred over synthetic vinyl for bags. 

bohemian attire

2. Earthy natural colours

Natural colours like beige, brown, earthy red, white, ochre, orange, dark green are usually given preference over other colours for clothes as well as accessories. Check out the post on different colour combinations you can use for mixing and matching your clothes

bohemian clothing attire

3. Design elements like tassels, fringes


These additions are incorporated into shoes, skirts, bags, jackets, purses shawls and tops. Lucky charms are added to bracelets and necklaces.

Feather earrings, coin bracelets, shell chokers are all bohemian accessories which are much in demand.Check out posts on making tassels, making beaded tassels, making fringe trims 

boho style

4. Flower embroidery 

An embroidered bag is a must have in a gypsy wardrobe. Checkout the different ways of doing flower embroidery

boho style clothing

5. Long dresses and necklaces 

Long Maxi skirts, maxi dresses, kimonos, sarongs are all staples, as are long necklaces. Check out the post on patterns for different maxi dresses just right for the boho style

boho chic style of dressing

6. Multi purpose Shawl ties

Shawls are used as Headwraps, head ties or even bag ties. A Bandana tied as a headwrap also looks quite bohemian. Maybe you would like to make a bandana yourself.

boho chic style

7. Printed fabric

Floral Prints, tie and dye, batik and ikat prints are all very popular in boho clothing. Imagine the typical floral gypsy outfit.Nature inspired and tribal prints are also seen.

If you would like to put a name on the fabric prints and patterns check out the post on 58 different fabric pattern names.

boho type clothes

8. Layering of clothes and accessories

Layered necklaces are a typical boho style. You can create a layered look in clothing by wearing a loose cardigan over your top or an oversized shawl wrapped over your outfit.The lagenlook style proclaims you as a true blue boho.

boho attire

9. Loose flowy style 

Breezy blouses and dresses are staple bohemian clothing. The summery look of loose clothing is very casual and appealing, especially when paired with ripped jeans or embellished denim. Check out the 18 ways that you can embellish and decorate your denim jeans

Cotton Kaftans, sarong beach wraps all fit this style. Flowing loose Lace dresses are also very much Bohemian

10. Casual shoes

Beaded sandals, Clogs shoes, Roman sandals are the preferred bohemian types of shoes. Ankle boots and Cowboy boots are also worn.

boho style

11. Statement jewelry in metal

Chunky metal necklaces in silver ; Any number of chunky rings; Anklets – all bohemian.

bohemian gypsy clothing

12. Oversized clothing and accessories

Oversized cable knit sweaters and oversized sunglasses are very much a part of the gypsy boho look

boho style fashion

13. Wide Brimmed hats

14. Interesting Head pieces

boho style clothes

Checkout this article for  wonderful inspirational pieces of bohemian headpieces . 

15. Distressed Denim

Slightly flared Denim jeans or cut-off shorts, which are made to look worn and rugged are big in bohemian style.

Splattering paint on it, writing with markers, washing in bleach, scraping with a knife, patching with other fabric – there are many ways you can convert your staid denim to suit your bohemian sensibilities. Checkout this tutorial on 15 ways to distress your jeans.  

bohemian clothes


Another important element of a bohemian style is the Dreadlocks

A true blue Bohemian would definitely be having the dreadlocks.They complete the whole gypsy look.

It is very easy to go overboard with the Boho style. Especially if you are petite and you are adopting the full boho-chic look of overflowing oversized long clothes. You are likely to be submerged, overwhelmed, and be invisible in your clothing. Keeping your figure, body shape in mind is advised, as in any style.

One advantage of the bohemian style is that there is no dilemma of matching accessories. You can mix and match and layer to your desire and still look good. You can incorporate chosen gypsy elements in your style to look sufficiently boho-chic – like a breezy top paired with denim and long necklaces. Or add a big oversized bag with fringes along with sandals.

Just ensure that you do not end up looking disheveled and frumpy in the boho-inspired clothes you have chosen.

Fashions come and go but the Boho style remains true in the minds of its followers. A boho-chic girl always remains true, come what may in fashion.

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  1. Thank you! I’ve been wearing Boho Gypsy style for decades and didn’t even know it! Great article and very interesting clothing to complete the Gypsy Boho look.

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