Dark Academia Fashion Style & the clothes that make it special

The essence and key elements of the intriguing and intellectual Dark Academia Fashion style.

dark academia fashion style
  • Are you between 14-25 years old?
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Then you may not need an introduction to the Dark Academia aesthetic. You may already have bookmarked all the outfits you would wear to follow this trend.

What is Dark Academia aesthetic?

If you are new to this style of clothing, just imagine strolling through the corridors of universities/private schools in the 1930s or 1940s in dark clothes and an even darker demeanor.

But, there is much more to this style than just clothing; Dark academia is a subculture that strongly emphasizes learning, reading, writing, and other intellectual pursuits. It is driven by a  passion for knowledge. It has a lot of elements borrowed from classic literature.

It also takes inspiration from classical Greek arts, literature, and architecture. If you are a fan of this style, you may also be fond of writing poetry, going to the museums and libraries, reading philosophy books, taking strolls admiring nature, and concepts of death.

History of Dark Academia Fashion

Dark Academia first appeared on the blogging website Tumblr, around 2010. At first, it seemed more like a book club. The Secret History, a 1992 book by American author Donna Tartt is the primary reason for it. The plot of the book centers around a group of eccentric students at a prestigious university who, with the help of their professor, isolate themselves from the rest of the students in order to engage in intellectual discussions. However, a labyrinth of intrigue and secrets soon unfolds

Reference for the book : booksburgersandbackpacks.com.

The dark academia group consisted of students who were studious, slightly eccentric, and passionate about classic literature and other intellectual pursuits.

Over time, Dark academia evolved from an academically inclined group into a full-fledged lifestyle concept, gaining popularity over social media platforms,. Self-discovery and artistic expression gained importance as a result of this fashion, which became evident from the TikTok videos and Instagram posts.

Dark Academia fashion style – Important elements

Modern Dark Academia trends are based on some fundamental principles:

»Dark academia is a modern fashion style heavily influenced by Gothic elements.  The dark, gothic aesthetic influence is what distinguishes Dark Academia fashion from the traditional academic fashion style.

»The outfits you put together must have a vintage vibe.  They can be purchased from thrift shops or websites that sell vintage clothes.

»The general aesthetic must support the intellectual appearance. Try to match your outfits with leather-bound boots, vintage specs, and handwritten notes. And immerse yourself in the poems of William Blake and novels of Jane Austen

»Dark academia clothes generally are genderfluid and timeless

»All the clothes should confine themselves to colors like black, brown, burgundy, forest green, and mustard yellow. Popularly used materials are velvet, wool-blends, wool-tweed, and corduroy. Classic prints like plaids, argyles, and houndstooth are popular in dark academia fashion.

Colors of Dark Academia

dark academia clothes

Dark clothes, mostly black, are used in this style. But other sober colors, neutral colors are also used. The color palette may also have a muted, autumnal vibe. All in all, the aesthetic favors dark, subdued colors like black, dark brown, forest green, grey, burgundy and taupe.

What Clothes Shall You Wear To Follow The Dark Academia Style?

I would just wear the clothes that vampires wore in Twilight. But if you are specific, here is the list.

Long coats, plaid skirts, wool sweater vests, spectacles with black rims, oxford shoes, and a lot of tweeds are the key elements of this aesthetic.

Dark academic tops and blouses

button down skirts, turtle neck sweaters

To create an authentic academic look, you should go for turtle neck sweaters, shirts with billowing cuffed sleeves.Blouses with cuffed sleeves give off a vintage victorian look.

Choose button-up tops for a more upscale Dark Academia appearance. Silk tops could be a great choice owing to their versatility and elegance. 

Dark academia skirts and pants

skirts and pants in dark colors

Go for skirts or trousers in wool or wool blends for a truly sophisticated and classy Dark Academia look

For trousers, wool blends and corduroy are the ideal fabrics for this look. You can wear the pants around ankle height for an even more nonconformist appearance.

Dark academia outerwear

outerwear in black and other dark colors in wool wool blends

Blazers and other classic outerwears remain essential in this style. Choose a wool or tweed style in either fitted or loose style outerwear depending on your own preferences.

Dark academia shoes

When it comes to Dark Academia style footwear, opinions differ. Boots, loafers and mary jane shoes are all favourites.

dark academia footwear


dark academia accessories

Read more on dark academia on nytimes article here. and aesthetics wiki

How to follow the Dark Academia Fashion Style cheaply

Dark academia is a unique fashion style. But it is not inaccessible. Dark academia fashion is inexpensive, and the majority of the goods can be found at thrift shops or inside the wardrobe of your parents or grandparents.

Difference between dark academia and light academina

Dark academia is distinguished from the more romanticized version, light academia, by puzzles, danger, murder, cults, and secret societies. Dark academia members may have a proclivity towards the unusual and illicit.

Difference between goth fashion and dark academia

Dark Academia fashion has a more classic Ivy League vibe than a vampy and nightmarish fantasy which is goth.

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