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Girly Fashion Style : What you need to look cute, sweet and feminine

Are you someone who wants to look cute and sweet at all times and adores all-feminine clothes in pastels and pink, irrespective of the fashion trend of the times? If the answer is yes, you are following the super cute Girly fashion style.

Girly Fashion

Elements of Girly fashion style

Today’s girly fashion is all about a sweet flirty style that emphasizes your feminine side more than any other rather than going overboard with frills and ruffles, though that is also there to a degree. You dress to look like the playful carefree child-like person that you are. You can look all cute, delicate and feminine by adopting the following elements.

Cute clothes in light colors

girly fashion

White, pink, pale blue, lilac, peach in pastel hues are the predominant colors for this fashion. Short skirts as well as long skirts, tops with ruffles and frills, soft drapey silk blouses, flared and flounced floral printed dresses, short cardigans and long flared coats are all favourites.

Soft drapey fabrics

Chiffon, crepe, lace, soft synthetics are the preferred fabric for tops and dresses. Soft cotton lawn fabric with pretty floral prints is used for cute and short dresses. With jeans, you can wear a y2k top or a ruffled collar top and wear peep-toe sandals to show off those pretty pink painted toenails. 

Pretty accessories 

Girly accessories can transfer even other styles into the girly fashion spectrum. Thin strap sandals, embellished slide sandals, cute plumps or peep toes, small pretty handbags, delicate jewelry, pearl chains and bracelets, embellished barrettes and hair slides – all add to the feminine grace of the girly style. Soft Glowy makeup with curls and or curls are optional.

Embellishments and trims

girly fashion

There was a time when my daughter used to wear only pretty pink frilly clothes. But that was understandable considering that she was only 12. Ruffles and frills are fine on adult women, so long as they are not overwhelming. Subtle lace trims or self fabric frills add a nice feminine touch to clothes.

If you are active on social media you may be familiar with a variation of the girly fashion style called the soft girl aesthetics.

Here are some reel characters you can follow if you want to know more about the girly style. Some of these characters belong to the past and their clothes may look dated but the basic style elements of the girly fashion remain the same. 

Reese Witherspoon in the movie Legally Blonde

Embed from Getty Images
Ashley Tisdale (as Sharpay) in the movie Highschool Musical

Embed from Getty Images
Rachel McAdams in the movie Mean Girls

Jameela Jamil in the TV series The Good Place

Embed from Getty Images

Marisa in the TV series KC Undercover

Embed from Getty Images

There are many fashionistas and influencers who love and follow the girly fashion style exclusively. I think, Youtuber ‘Freddy My love’ is one of the  classiest. You can check out her channel here.

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