Pink Color in fashion {Shades of pink}

pink color in fashion

Shades of pink

Do you have a perception in your mind about pink? The thing is that whatever you think of pink if you ask another person it may be completely different from what you think. Some consider pink as everything-cute, but for some it is a bold, scandalous and shocking color, for some it has erotic connotations or at least lovey-dovey vibes, yet for some others, it is the color of child-like innocence. This is because, there are many different shades of pink – ranging from pale pink to mauve to stronger, louder, bolder shades of pink. Here are some of them –

Soft shades of pink

Flesh pink, Baby pink, Blush pink, Bubblegum pink, Rose Quartz, Heavenly pink, Rose quartz, Primrose, Seashell, Powder pink, Lavendar pink, Cherry pink, Carnation pink

pink shades-flesh pink, baby pink, blush pink, Bubblegum pink, Rose Quartz, Heavenly pink, Rose quartz, Primrose, Seashell, Powder pink, Lavendar pink, Cherry pink, Carnation pink

Dark shades of pink

Rose pink, Fuscia pink, Magenta pink, Peach pink, Hot pink, Sweet pink, Carmin pink, Purple, Strawberry pink, Coral pink, Watermelon pink, Barbie pink, Rouge pink, garnet, Rose gold, Raspberry pink.

darker shades of pink are Rose pink, Fuscia pink, Magenta pink, Peach pink, Hot pink, Sweet pink, Carmin pink, Purple, Strawberry pink, Coral pink, Watermelon pink, Barbie pink, Rouge pink, garnet, Rose gold, Raspberry pink.

Characteristics of Pink

Pink as a Color of Feminity

I believe in pink. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles

 – said Audrey Hepburn. Such strong advocacy for pink from one of the most feminine and graceful of all actresses.

The color pink is immediately associated with femininity in our minds.  We wear a pink top or a pink dress and immediately assume that it makes us look all feminine and attractive.

Do you know that there was a time when the color pink was gender-neutral?. The boys and girls wore pink colored dresses. Then somehow (may be due to clever marketing techniques of brands) pink became the color of girls and only girls. Most young girls’ pass through a pink stage when everything in their life has got to be in pink. If you go to a shop, you will notice that pink color dominates the girls’ dresses, toys, and accessories.

But today there is definitely a shift in perception of pink as an exclusively feminine color. Pink is slowly going back to its unisex androgynous color status. Today many fashion designers have adopted pink into their fashion lines for men. A pink shirt worn by a man is nothing new these days. But still, pink is considered a bold color choice for men. 

Color of Youthfulness

A combination of pink and white is associated with chastity and innocence. Pink presents an image of youthfulness. 

pink color in fashion

Color of vibrancy

The right shades of pink can project vitality. The pink possess a special charm and light-heartedness.  Pink lipstick can make you look instantly attractive – pink is definitely a color for the youthful and energetic. After all pink is in the same family of red – and nothing equates vitality than red. 

Color of Sophistication

pink color

Soft shades of Pink can be paired with black for that extra edge of sophistication.

Color of love

The color pink is the most used color when you want to represent love and romance. It is widely seen during Valentine’s Day along with red. Strong shades of pink can also project boldness and a sexy alluring look. 

Pink as a versatile color

The color pink is a mixture of red and white. Therefore it has the passion of red at the same time the purity of white. Every one has their shade of pink depending on their need and preference.

Would Pink Suit you?

Here I think personality plays a part- other than which pink suits you when you hold it against your face and body, I think you should choose a pink that resonates well with your personality. You can look as bold as you want in a shade of pink and innocent and pure as you want in another shade.

You can use the color wheel combinations to choose what you will pair your pinks with.

Whatever you say, full on bright pink is overwhelming. Pink can be paired with a neutral for a balancing act. Pink and white is a beautiful combination. Pink and denim blue is another favourite.

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You know the combination of a cotton candy icecream – pink and violet. It is what it is, but for someone who likes cute colors, this is a combination. 

Complementary colors of pink

pink complementary colors

Tetradic colors of pink

pink color

History of Pink color in fashion

The color pink was always a strong presence in the history of fashion. In Europe, pink was associated with the upper class as the pink dye was imported after an expensive expedition to Asia. It was a color favored by the nobility and aristocracy for clothes for both genders.

The pink was a favorite color of Madame de Pompadour, who was the chief mistress of the French king Louis XV. The French porcelain manufacturer Sevres created a special and exquisite tint and named it Rose Pompadour to honor her.

pink color

When the Industrial revolution led to the mass production of clothes, cheap dyes like magenta were available and used extensively. Thus pink lost its exclusiveness and the status of the color of the elite and became the color of the working class. It even came to be known as the color of the brazen. At one point it was even considered vulgar color when the prostitutes started wearing pink.

After WWII pink was established as the color of feminity. The gender roles was re-established with strong color polarisation. Pink was for girls. The color pink started appearing with a sexual allure in the literature and art. It was common to find lingerie in pink. From its delicate stature, pink became a color of the bold. 

The pink also found its way to the silver screen. The 1900s saw pink welcomed by many famous cine artists. Marilyn Monroe wore a very famous shocking pink dress, with a big bow in the back in the movie, “The Gentlemen prefers blondes”. Marlyn Monroe loved the dress and so did the audience. In the film “Grease” actress Michelle Pfeiffer wore a satin pink jacket. Elvis Presley’s iconic 1953 Cadillac was pink in color.

During the 1930s Elsa Schiaparelli the famous fashion designer used Shocking pink in her creations bringing the color into mainstream fashion. You can read about this here.

Recently Fashion Institute of Technology conducted an exhibition, “Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful color” showcasing around 80 ensembles belonging to the era of Louis XV to the the pink hats worn during the Women’s march against the anti-women statements of President Donald Trump in 2017, Donald Trump; many of the demonstrators wore a knitted pink hat. You can read more about this here.

The Indian organization Gulabi Gang or Pink Gang is made up of activists who fight against rapists, domestic abusers and they work for the empowerment of women. ‘The Code Pink: Women for peace’ is another noted organization who works against wars and military occupations. Its members wear the group’s signature pink color during their many marches, rallies, and protests. Pink is definitely moving on in life.

Reference : Article on history of pink on

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