Green color and its different shades in fashion

green color

In cartoon shows, evil power almost always glows green. You will mention someone as sickly green when he is ill. If you are in the racing profession, where life and death are a matter of seconds and luck, green is considered unlucky. In British folklore green is associated with witches. You may want me to stop and say that I am being negative because green is a much loved color and is considered auspicious in many parts of the world.

Why Green? All the positives

The presence of the color green can be traced back to the Mesopotamian civilization. The Romans and the Egyptians had a great appreciation for it.  For ancient Egyptians, it was a color of regeneration and rebirth, a new beginning. 

Green is the color of Venus, the Goddess of vegetation. The color green is associated with life, growth, vigor, and renewal. Nature’s palette is full of green with her trees, leaves, plants, and grass. The word green is associated with the old English verb “growan” which means to grow.

Green is said to invoke creativity in artists. In painting, you get green when you mix indigo or ultramarine blue with yellow color. Many famous painters have used green generously in their paintings. The classic example is the green-colored attire of Monalisa in Leonardo da Vinci’s painting.

Green is considered sacred for Islam as it is associated with Prophet Mohammed and paradise. They use it to bind Quran, paint their mosques and green is the dominant color in the flags of many Islamic countries.

In India, this color is associated with purity, happiness, fertility, and life. In many Indian communities, women wear green bangles and wear green saris and use sacred leaves and grasses in marriage ceremonies. Green is associated with eternal life in Japanese culture. Since it represents nature, green has been the color for environmental movements.

Green is very soothing to the eye. It is considered to have calming, stress-relieving, and rejuvenating effect. In color psychology, colors of shorter wavelengths are said to have a relaxing or cooling effect and green falls into a shorter wavelength group. The shades of green offer a tranquil mood.

green colors in fashion

I guess I have now made you confused as to whether green is good for you or not. I do not have the expertise to tell you that. But there is one thing I can tell you for sure – one of the shades of green will definitely suit you as a fashion color. There are so many shades of green that there’s a shade of green for the most discerning colorist of us all.

Green color names – Which shade suit you?

The color theory going around the fashion world says that if you have a warm skin tone you should go for warm colors and if you have a cool skin tone you should go for a cool color tone. If you have a neutral skin tone, you should go for neutral shades. And the good news is that green shades have it all – as green is a mixture of a warm color(yellow) and a cool color(blue).

A green that is more inclined towards yellow is a warm color; A green color that is more inclined towards blue is cool. Then there are the dark and neutral shades in the green color spectrum best suited for those with a neutral skin tone. How cool can it get!

Warm shades of green – color names
warm shades of green color
Cool shades of green – color names
cool shades of green
Dark and neutral shades of green – color names
dark and neutral shades of Green color

Wearing Green Color 

Green is a strong color and it can overwhelm you if you do not wear it the right way, especially the bright shades. Light green colors give a casual summery vibe and dark greens that of elegance and sophistication. The light greens can be combined with other neutral colors for a balance. 

green color

You can find your own color combinations for your favorite shade of green. Remember some basic rules of color theory in choosing your color combinations.

The complementary color of green is red. 

Triadic colors of Green are Purple and Orange

Analogous colors of Green are Blue and yellow

Split Analogous colors are green, blue, and violet.

But you have to be careful in using these color combinations in your dressing style. For eg. – Combining green and red can create an arresting look but red when paired with green in equal proportions can overwhelm the whole look (or make you look like the christmas tree) so you may want to use either of these colors sparingly. Use one color for an accessory. Read more on different color combinations here

Some Analogous color schemes for green shades

green color combinations

Some Triadic color schemes for green shades

color combinations for green color

Some complementary color schemes for green shades.

green complementary color schemes

Green Color in the fashion world

If you have seen pictures of Robin hood and noticed his costumes you would see a particular shade of green. That cloth was called lincoln cloth because it was made by a natural dyeing process of wool with woad and dyers green weed. In the 18th century, another green was in fashion – a Saxon green. Bamboo color became the talk of the town then. Designer Worth bought green to limelight with his celery green tea-gown in 1894.  Throughout history, you will find names like these – all different shades of the same green color. But subtle differences make them all unique.

The 2021 collections by famous designers showcased green as their color. Maria Grazia Chiuri presented many green garments for her Spring/Summer 2021 Collection for Dior. Actress Anya Taylor-Joy’s Golden Globe showstopper gown was a very attractive shade of emerld green. You can check it out here.

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