Blue color in fashion – and Blue combinations that can be used in selecting clothes

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Blue is an unavoidable color in most of our wardrobe. Ask a number of people their favourite color and many will mention ‘blue’. It is the color of dependability, stability and trust, consistency, authority and strength.  Many brand logos have the color blue (think Facebook)- a testimony to the power of blue color to impart confidence.

Choosing blue for your wardrobe

Blue is my favourite color too. I have a wardrobe full of different blue colored garments and then I learn that blue is not suited to me. I feel as if I have been living a lie!

But surely, out of all these blue shades, tints and tones, atleast one blue is my color

Light Blue Color Names

Light blue color names

Medium shades of Blue color

blue colour names

Bright shades of Blue color

bright shades of blue color

Dark Shades of Blue color.

dark shades of blue

Blue – Green shades

Other than these clear blues, there are blues with green in them.

blue color names

The way you choose colour depends on many factors but one of them is based on your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone you should avoid blue and similar cool colors. But if you have a cool skin tone, go ahead and splurge on blue. I have warm skin tone, so there. 

But then I realise, much to my relief that there is a way out. If you really like blue and you have warm toned skin, use the warmer shades of blue – those shades which are closer to purple/violet in the color wheel than the cooler blues. 

Here are some simple guidelines on choosing the correct colors to go with your blue colored clothes. 

Blue color combinations

Wear Blue with Complementary colors

Complementary colors are colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. Because of their strong presence, they may appear clashing if they are used with equal importance; Hence one of the colors can be used as a small part of the whole scheme, for eg. as a small print or accessory.You can pick out the combinations given above, like aqua and purple and use one of the colors on a smaller scale in your dressing.

If you do not mind the look, go ahead and use them equally.


Wear Blue with other Cool colors 

color cool

Cool colors are green, blue and violet. 

blue color combinations


blue color

These colors appear along each other on the color wheel. They make a good calming combination.

Monochromatic colors

Monochromatic colors mean lighter and darker versions of blue color – shades and tones of blue from blue-green to blue-purple are used in the same dress or for parts of the ensemble.

A combination of these blues can give a harmonious look. 

Blue and colors of the same bloodline

When you combine yellow and green, you get blue. Yellow, blue and green are a combination – they are of the same bloodline. So yellow as well as green can look good when combined with blue.

Blue with neutral colors

blue combination

All versions of Blue make good combinations with neutral colors.

Light blue as well as dark blue goes well with white. 

Personal preferences

Match Blue with other colors

blue color combinations

This is purely a personal preference – no rhyme or reason other than that I love them together.

Which color do you like with light blue?

blue color combination

Which color do you like with dark blue?

blue color combinations

Which color do you like with Turquoise blue?

Which color do you like with Teal blue?

Which are your favourite color combinations with blue?.

blue combinations

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