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As per the Dictionary, Neutral means “having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features”. This is the philosophy behind Neutral colors too. These colors have no affinity to any particular hue/color – they are without any color. 

Generally, this term is used to define colors that are not prominently shown in the color wheel. But these are so important in the color spectrum, that you cannot imagine a world without them? Look at yourself. More than 90 % of the population of this world has this color scheme inherent in their body (the rest are red-haired and/or have blue or green eyes).

What are Neutral colours?

The most prominent neutral colors are Black, White, Brown and Grey. But other than these, other colors with some hue undertones are also considered as Neutral colors. In fashion, some dark shades of red green and blue are considered neutrals. Metallic colors like gold, silver, copper, bronze are also considered neutral colors.

neutral shades

Choosing the right Neutral Colour for you

A human body, unless you are a redhead with blue or green eyes, consists of neutral colours. So when you choose neutral colours, this has to be kept in mind and you will have to choose a neutral colour that will complement the natural colouring of your body. 

Neutral colours are the classic colours you can choose for the foundation pieces of your wardrobe. Like the little black dress, as the ever famous example. You can build the rest of your wardrobe with other colours from there.

Neutral colors are without the warmth or coolness associated with other colors in the color wheel. But that does not mean that the neutral colors are neither warm nor cool.  You can say that black, beige, tan, gold, cream, chocolate brown, etc are warm and white, grey, silver, navy, etc are somewhat cool. This is especially important in choosing complimenting accent colors to go with these colors. If you have a warm coloring go for the warm neutrals and if you have a cool coloring go with the cool neutrals.

To portray power, capability, and charisma nothing like neutral colors. They are stylish and versatile; they can be mixed and matched with other vibrant colors for greater balance and interest. Many a wardrobe is based on the neutral color scheme alone.

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When you are going for an interview and want a reliable, confident looking ensemble or when a bridegroom is looking for an appropriate colour for his suit or when you are pruning your wardrobe and thinking of creating a solid capsule wardrobe with some core pieces; many instances when you will be searching for the perfect neutral colours.

Neutral colors in fashion

In fashion colors are very important. Even when you are using black and white there is a preference for colors. But the neutrals even when they are said to be without any color are very popular in fashion. There is a reason why these are favourites out of ‘all’ colors – these are colors that can make anyone look rich, dignified and trustworthy. Need there be any more reason? 

Some commonly used neutral colors

If you have a favourite neutral colour do mention in the comments below

1. Charcoal

neutral colours

2. Taupe

neutral colours

3. Oxford blue

nuetral colours

4. Fog grey

5. Mahogany

6. Kakhi

neutral colours for clothes

7. Greige

neutral colours

8. Steel Grey

neutral colours

9. Tobacco Brown

10. Mushroom

neutral colour

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