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Learn about the various shades and other information about the color ORANGE, and how to effectively combine them with other colors in clothing.

My husband is snarky at the best of times, but every time I wear a particular dark orange top, he doubles up on that. And when I confront him, he blames it all on that ‘orange top’. Yeah, I should tell him off, but does Orange really have something to do with triggering a particular mood? 

Colors do have an influence on moods, so many learned ones have already established this. But what has orange gotta do with being sarcastic and rude? All blabberdash!

A bright orange like the mandarin orange color or reddish-orange shade may be the last thing I will pick up for clothes, but peaches, pastel oranges, and corals are among my favorite colors. As there are a seemingly infinite variety of orange shades, it is not difficult to find an orange of your preference. You might like at least one of these.

Shades of Orange

Lighter shades of Orange

Amber, Peach, sunset orange, pastel orange, atomic tangerine, Porsche, Texas rose,Marmalad, Cantaloupe, Yam, Marigold

Amber, Peach, sunset orange, pastel orange, atomic tangerine, Porsche, Texas rose, Marmalad, Cantaloupe, Yam, Marigold.

Bright colors of Orange

Burnt sienna, Burning orange, Fire orange, Brandy punch, Cinnabar, Bitter sweet, Red damask crush, Trinidad, Carrot, International orange, Tangerine, Mango, Tango, Coral, Honey orange are bright shades of orange.

Dark colors of Orange

Orange roughy, Desert orange, Valencia, Flush mahogony, Squash, Ginger, Cider, Bronze

Dark colors of orange are very similar to brown – orange roughy, desert orange, valencia, flush mahogany, squash, ginger, cider, bronze.

Characteristics of Orange colors

Orange is a secondary color that you get by mixing red and yellow and according to the variations in the mixing you get red-orange and yellow-orange. It is considered as one of the warm colors in the color spectrum.

Orange is the color of the free-spirited and fun-loving side of you.

It has distinctive energy and gathers all attention because of its vibrant nature. Orange is a perfect foil for your outgoing personality, and it tells the world that you don’t mind being the center of attention. You become all the more exciting when you wear a lot of shades of orange, don’t you agree?

Orange is also associated with fall and is the hue of pumpkins and wilting leaves. It can be associated with a bizarre and gloomy aura as the color is strongly associated with Halloween.

Buddhist monks in Southeast Asia wear orange robes to represent austerity and renunciation of worldliness.

Most of the orange shades are perceived as flamboyant and vivid colors. It is a little difficult to get the color combination right with this color.

Color combinations of Orange according to the color wheel

Complementary color of orange

complemetary color of orange

yellowish orange -complementary colors

The complementary color of orange is blue. A complementary color appear opposite to the main color in the color wheel, so you can say they are contrasting colors. These colors enhance the qualities of each other. No wonder that Denim and orange go together naturally. 

representative image of orange  and blue color combination for clothes

The brilliance and vividness of orange will be emphasized in the presence of blue color. They make a startling combination. If you want to brighten up your mood or that of others, you know what to wear.  

Tetradic colors of orange

tetradic color of orange

Tetradic colors of orange are Vivid lime green, blue and a shade of magenta.

Analogous colors of orange

analogous colors of orange

Analogous colors of orange are yellow buzzing and Microprose Red.

representative image of red and orange color combination for clothes

Monochromatic colors of orange.

monochromatic colors of orange

A combination of monochromatic shades of yellow can balance the fieriness of the original orange to a degree. So this combination is a popular one. 

Other color combinations 

Purple, yellow orange and yellow green are split complementary colors. Triadic colors are orange, green, and purple. Playful combinations like turquoise blue and orange, orange and pink can be worn for casual outings. 

Some FAQ answered on selecting orange shades for clothing

Who looks best in Orange color?

All skin tones can wear orange, but those with warm undertones look the best. Those with warm undertones typically have yellow or golden undertones in the skin, and wearing orange can bring out the warmth in their complexion.

Can blondes look good in orange?

The color of the hair and the skin can clash with the orange color. Even if you are blonde, If you have a warm undertone to the skin, you can wear orange, and look good but if you are pale with a cool skin tone, wearing anything orange, crimson, or gold, overtones may overpower your appearance.

Is Orange a suitable color for professional settings?

Orange is generally not recommended for a job interview or an office meeting as it can bring unwanted attention to the wrong things – your clothes (unless you want that). But if you absolutely love the color, pair it with neutral colors like white, cream, beige black, navy, or grey. Or go for lighter shades of orange like a pale peach. Peach is a shade of orange that is both incredibly adaptable and elegant.


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