Olive green color clothes : What to wear with them.

Which colors should be combined with olive green color to make them look good on you?

When I want to wear something that is not too attention-grabbing and won’t make me stand out in a crowd (maybe, introverts can empathize), olive green is my go-to color. But that makes it seem like it is a drab color. It would be unfair to classify olive green as a safe color that is only good for blending in.

A lot of fashion designers would be very angry.

But army personnel, maybe not!. Olive green is the staple of military apparel. It is that color that armies around the world wear. They use the color to blend in. The use of olive green in fashion can be traced back to its first appearance on military uniforms in England and France during World War I.

In fashion, military-inspired fashion always involves some mix and match of olive green color.

As an earthy shade, it also features in bohemian fashion. The underwhelming impact of the color makes it also a part of chic and minimalistic fashion styles.

Many fashion designers combine this shade of green with other colors to create sophisticated ensembles for the fashion runway.

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Olive green is naturally muted and subtle. But you can make it look vibrant as well, depending on the accompanying colors. The color,  attributed to olives, can range from a pale yellowish-green to a deep and dark yellowish-green and is very versatile if you know what to wear with it. It is a stylish and elegant color to incorporate into your wardrobe.


Different shades of olive green

Light, medium and dark olive green are all popular colors but there is a darker black olive green which is almost like Black.

Other than these, the following colors closely resemble olive green.

Colors that closely resemble olive green

Sage green, Khaki green, Army green, Olive drab, Cedar green.Colors that closely resemble olive green

What colors go very well with olive green

As a neutral color, a lot of other colors can be paired well with it, but the best combinations are with other neutral colors like grey, black, white, brown etc.

Black and olive

When paired with black, it can look subtle but striking. The black and olive can look timeless together. 

Grey and olive green

Girl wearing olive green pants with grey top

A horizon grey top can look classy with olive green.

White and olive green

Girl wearing olive green pants with White top

When paired with white, olive green can look bold and vibrant.

Monochromatic look

Tan and beige are also paired with olive, but I find the combinations too muted.

If you want a monochromatic look, it will be better to go for a lighter shade of olive green;

monochromatic colors with olive green

or choose a plain olive green with a printed one. As in this a plain olive green top with a chequered skirt.

Olive green

Complementary colour of olive green

The complementary color of olive green is a purplish shade of blue. You can use this combination of contrasting colors for a dramatic look.

Or you can use the other color combinations of the color wheel like the triadic combinations or tetradic combinations to create harmonious mix and match wardrobe colors that go well with the color.

Triadic and tetradic combinations color combinations of olive green

You can combine jewel tones with the color for a lively appearance. Warm colors like burgundy and maroon can be paired with olive green.

Olive green with eggplant purple


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  2. I love olive green and khaki greens…I used to have many pieces but now have none!?! TY for these ideas…never thought about the pairing with purplish blue…looks great!

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