Yellow color in fashion: 7 colors that go well with it.

yellow color

When you think of yellow you think of happiness, energy and youthfulness. The color of all the smileys and suns that you have ever painted. It is a color that can instantly cheer you up. And this color is a full on attention grabber. All these uplifting qualities are well utilized when it is used in fashion to design clothes. 

But with all these, you have to be careful with this color lest it overwhelms you or creates a different perception than what you want to create. It is usually used for women’s clothing than for men’s clothing – why? Is it that yellow is not taken seriously by men? There are many shades and tones of yellow. Some consider yellow to be too attention grabbing and unstable and even childish. Some shades of yellow can look a little dull (shade is when you have a touch of darkness to it with the addition of black). Some may even look sickly. The right version matters.

A very important consideration when selecting yellow for your clothing is if your skin is warm toned or cool toned. Yellow is a typical warm toned color and suits those with a warm complexion.

When considering yellow color, you also have to look at the value (lightness and darkness) of the yellow colour to find its best match. Basically yellow is a warm color. But even in this, there may be a partiality to warmer tones and cooler tones. A yellow which is nearer to red (a yellow-orange) is more warm than a yellow which is nearer to green color (lime green) in the color wheel. So when you match colors, match yellow which is warmer to warmer colors like reds, oranges  and match yellow which is cooler to cooler colors like green, blues.

Color combinations with Yellow

Yellow and Grey

yellow color

This is an elegant combination. The grey is used to balance the brightness of yellow. You just have to keep in mind the cool and warm theory and form your own color combinations for yellow shades and tones.

yellow color

Yellow and Black or White

yellow color

Yellow goes very well with both white and white. 

Yellow and Green

yellow color

Yellow and green lie adjacent to each other in the color wheel. So this makes it an analogous color scheme. Adjacent colors always have a charm together.

Yellow and Royal Blue

yellow color

Yellow and blue are complementary colors – they lie opposite to each other in the color wheel. You can choose to use the complementary color scheme as an accessory or a small part of the clothing like an embroidery or print, to avoid a startling effect.

Yellow and Pink


Yellow and Fuschia rose and Yellow and Salmon pink are popular cheery color combinations.

yellow color

Yellow and Lilac

yellow color

As pastel colors, lilac and pale yellow make a great combination.

Yellow and Wine

yellow color

Yellow with other shades of yellow

This is called a monochromatic color scheme. You can choose lighter and darker versions of the same color in your dressing. You can mix and match different variations of yellow color in your clothing – a lighter version, a darker version and/or a greyish version – to get this monochromatic color scheme.

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