Mustard Yellow color combinations that work for clothes

What are the popular Colors That Pair Well With Mustard Yellow and also the complementary, analogous colors of mustard.

If you are an arthoe fashion aesthetic enthusiast, your color palette for clothes already includes mustard yellow. But even if you are not, there is no way that you would have passed the fascination for mustard yellow – it has been a trendy color for quite some time now. May be not the hottest color right now, but mustard yellow has only grown in popularity in the past few years.

mustard yellow color combination

While many consider yellow too bold and avoid it because it is too flashy, mustard yellow is one yellow shade that has escaped all these stigmas. It is a mature, warm shade of yellow, which can add a pop of color to your outfits without being too obvious. And it pairs well with a lot of other colors.

What Colors Go Well With Mustard Yellow?

Dark shades tend to work well with mustard yellow best. Here is a list of a few colors that you can wear with mustard yellow –

Black, Maroon, Off White, Dark pink, Navy blue, Emerald green, Charcoal grey, and Sage

mustard color - maroon red, blue, brown, sage, white and black

These are some of the favorite colors to pair with yellow as well as the color combinations possible with the color wheel theory.

White and mustard yellow

white and mustard color
White is always such a versatile color – so dependable. It goes with everything, and mustard yellow is no different. It is simple, pure and modern looking and helps to counterbalance the brightness of mustard yellow.

If you have a mustard yellow shirt sitting in your closet, pair it with white denim and ankle-high boots. 

Black and mustard yellow

black and mustard

After white, black is my favorite to go with mustard yellow. You can’t go wrong when mixing black and mustard yellow because black is a neutral color that contrasts with yellow and brings out its vividness. Black is chic and stylish, and when mustard yellow is paired with black, the pop of color makes the combination more interesting.

You can pair a mustard yellow dress with black heels or a yellow shirt with a black leather skirt. To make the look professional, you can wear a yellow dress with a black blazer.

Navy Blue and mustard yellow

mustard color

While it is debatable whether opposites attract in relationships, it may be true when it comes to colors. Blue is the color opposite of yellow on the color wheel. And a dark navy blue and mustard is one of the trendiest color combinations for clothing. 

If your complete dress is mustard yellow, add a few navy blue accents to finish it off. You can wear a yellow garment and accessorize it with a bag and shoes in navy blue or you can do the opposite too.

Dark Maroon red and mustard yellow

maroon red and mustard

Mustard Yellow and red are both warm colors. Combining these two colors can create a strong impact. This color combination is especially appealing in Autumn when the surroundings are equally vibrant. If you like bright color combinations, these colors are for you.

You can pair a bright mustard yellow top with a maroon-red skirt or trousers or vice versa. Or, you can complement a red dress with a yellow cardigan during winter. If your complete ensemble is mustard yellow, you can top off the look with red lipstick, a red bag, and sleek red heels.

Sage and mustard yellow

sage and mustard

Sage is a very subtle shade of green. Sage and mustard yellow make a nice and elegant combination for clothes and accessories.

Emerald Green and mustard yellow

Yellow and green is a color combination that many people might be hesitant to wear. On the color wheel, yellow and green are next to each other. Mustard yellow can look great when paired with emerald green.

Be it a mustard yellow top and emerald green bottom, or vice-versa, you can combine these two in any way to create the perfect look.

Dark pink and mustard yellow

pink and mustard

This is a bright and vibrant color combination – not many would go with them, but if you want to be attention-grabbing, maybe. Nothing subtle about this color combination. You can make a bold statement.

You can combine a mustard yellow sweatshirt with dark pink bottom or a purple bodycon dress with a mustard yellow jacket.

Brown and mustard yellow

mustard yellow and brown

This is a very conservative color combination with mustard. As a Neutral color, brown goes with everything. And mustard is one color which goes well with brown.

Color combinations with mustard yellow according to the color wheel

Complementary color of mustard yellow

Complementary colors exist on opposite sides of the color wheel. They are colors that are stark contrasts. But even in this contrast, there is a color harmony when these colors are used together.

mustard color and its complemetary color blue

Analogous color of mustard yellow

Analogous colors are a group of three colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. These colors create a harmony and can be used to create a variety of looks. Analogous colors of mustard yellow are yellow-green and red-orange.

Monochromatic colors of mustard yellow

monochromatic colors of mustard yellow

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