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Brown is a trending color today but then, it has never been out of fashion.

Today, brown seems to be loved more than ever. Everyone seems to have acknowledged the power of brown as a classic, sophisticated, elegant, and timeless color.

brown color

If you want to be known as a person with a steady and solid personality there is no other color more reliable than brown.

When you look at the range of colors in the brown spectrum, you will realize that there is more than one shade of brown color that you already love. It is just a matter of choosing the best ones that suit you.

The meaning of Brown as a color

There is a lot of brown in nature. The earth, the mountains, the woods, the animals are all different shades of brown.

Brown is a solid color representing resilience, dependability, loyalty and security. This color is considered conventional rather than frivolous or excessive. Brown offers comfort and stability.

Brown projects the following qualities – reliability, honesty, sincerity, sophistication, comfortableness, neutrality, simplicity, and elegance. Do you want more?

How to choose the right brown for you ?

The basic thing to look for while selecting brown apparel is that it should be lighter or darker than your skin tone. A similar shade to your skin tone will give a washed-out look.

If you have very very pale skin or very very dark skin, fashion experts advice to avoid brown. 

Brown is a very versatile color and is available in different shades. There are darker shades of brown that can make you look super elegant and rich and some shades of brown can make you look simple and unpretentious.

Selecting the right shade and combining it with other colors the right way is the key.

Brown is a warm color and is seen as a darker shade of orange in a color wheel. It is a composite color which means it can be made by mixing red, yellow, and black pigments.

It is also made by mixing orange and black pigments. The color brown is not present in a traditional color wheel. But in the modern color wheel, it falls between red and yellow as a darker shade of orange. But depending on the variations in the blues and reds, a particular brown can be considered warm or cold.

Warm shades of brown

Warm shades of brown are caramel, honey brown, auburn, russet and copper. It is better to pair warm browns with other warm colors like shades of red, warmer tones of green etc.

Cool shades of brown

Cool browns like Ash brown can be matched with cool colors like blue, violet etc. Read more about the cool colors here.

You should also consider chosing the right fabric for your brown outfit – a velvet in a brown can look different from organza in brown. 

Brown color – Best combinations

Brown has always been a favorite color with designers, models, celebrities, and influencers. Fashion, advertising, and decor fields are all charmed by this color. Brown is just the color for those who love minimalism. It has become very popular because it can look classy and sophisticated when paired with the right colors.

Brown and blue

Choosing the right colors to complement or contrast a color can bring amazing results in fashion. The complementary colors of brown are shades of blue.

Complementary colors of brown
Complementary colors of brown

The complementary colors are those colors that come opposite on the color wheel. It works on the theory that the opposite attracts. Different shades of blue, from light blue to darker, richer Navy blue, complement the shades of brown.

complemetary color of light brown - blue
Complemetary color of light brown

Pairing blue and brown can make a statement without being too loud.

denim and brown color clothes -combination
Brown clothes with blue

Black with brown

Black and brown are two neutral colors. A combination of these two can give a sophisticated look, but a wrong turn can make you look utterly drab. Selecting the right brown is very important when you think of pairing it with black. Dark brown and black is considered an elegant combination.

Brown and cream

The cream is another color that enhances the brown color, especially the richer shades. Cream and brown can create a very dynamic look.

Brown and Grey

Brown and grey have a good vibe together.

Brown and Green

Not all shades of green and browns go well with each other as they are both natural colors. But certain shades of green paired with the right shades of brown can look great like army green and dark brown.

Orange and Brown

When you think of a color to pair with brown, orange surely might not be on your list. You must wonder how they can match when they both belong to the same group. In fact, orange and brown combination like orange knitwear worn with a brown suit gives a trendy, stylish look.

Other colors with brown

If you wear yellow with brown, it brings a pop of color to the neutral shades of brown. Pink is another color that complements the brown color. For example, a dusty pink top paired with camel-brown pants looks very soft and feminine. Red is the neighbor color to orange in the color wheel. Red brings energy to the otherwise neutral tone of brown. A chocolate brown skirt paired with a plum-colored top gives a very sophisticated look.

Brown with other shades of brown

If matched well, different shades of brown can work well together. For example, you can pair deep brown pants with camel-colored tops. But if done wrong color combination of all browns can project a dull and reclusive image.

Selecting different textured brown fabrics for your clothes is another way of making brown on brown stand out.

Accessories with Brown and in Brown

Brown is a favourite when choosing accessories – a bag or purse in brown leather is almost always our first choice if we do not own any other. Even among other neutral colors people chose brown because it is considered a rich neutral color. A brown belt with a blue shift dress, suede shoes with black jeans, brown scarf with a cream dress are accessory options in brown

If you are thinking of what to accessorize with the brown outfit, gold is the best option.

Different shades of brown


Ash brown



Brick brown













Cafe au lait


Candy brown





Dirt brown






Lion Brown

Khakhi brown


Golden wheat

Honey brown

Olive brown

Old gold


Nut brown










Shrimp brown

Seal brown

Safari Brown






Vintage Burgundy

Van Dyke

Raw Umber

Wood brown


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