Cool Colors in fashion : Color combinations for your clothes

There is no denying that cool colors are all pervasive colors – water is blue, the sky is blue, and the rest of the earth is green. And when we feel passionate, our mood is a soft purple.

what are cool colors

Cool colors belong to the blue color family; categorically speaking, one side of the color wheel; they are a favorite color combination for clothes.


half of the color wheel colors are called cool colors from purple to green
Half of the color wheel belongs to the cool color family

What are the cool colors?

The basic cool colors are blue, green, purple. And then all the shades in between them.

Out of the 3 basic colors, the most crucial color is blue. For all the cool color spectrum colors, the undertone is a bluish tint.

Meaning of cool colors – according to the psychology of color.

The basis of the cool color family is the temperature of the color; they are perceived as cool to the touch, distant, icy – all adjectives associated with the cold weather in winter. No wonder, they are also called the winter colors. 

Cool colors belong to a peaceful color family, and they are usually associated with associated with relaxation and tranquility. They are also associated with  dependability, stability, and authority. Most shades are also collectively termed ‘fresh’ and ‘deep.’ They usually recede into the background and are not the colors of choice if you want immediate attention.

Shades of blue

This includes navy, royal blue, and sky blue

Shades of blue - from deep blue to light blue

You can read more about the shades of blue here.

Shades of green

This includes olive, mint, and seafoam green.

shades of green - from dark forrest green to pale green

Learn more about the shades of green here.

Shades of purple

This includes lilac and lavender. Read more about shades of purple color here.

shades of violet from dak plum or violet to pale lilac

Soft shades of cool colors

Most of the shades in the cool color family are subtle. They are not in-your-face like the warm colors.

Soft shades of cool colors - ziggurat, lavender grey, prelude, twilight, tranquil, solitude, titan white, blue chalk, pink lace,
Soft cool colors

Bright shades of cool colors

Bluish icy colors can be said to be the brightest of the cool color family. Other than these, turquoise blue, other blue-greens, and purple colors are also bright colors.

brighter cool colors - anakiwa, malibu,heliotrope, blush, cyan, spring green pink, electric violet, blue ribbon, blue, electric violet
Bright shades of cool colors

Dark shades of cool colors

These shades recede, and most of them fall in the category of neutrals.

dark shades of cool colors - shakespere, jacksons purple, san marino, daily bush, amethyst, seance, fuchsia pink, tradewind, fun blue

Paua, seance, regal blue, navy blue, blue chill, ripe plum, violet eggplant, elm - dark cool colors

Are cool colors best for everyone? How do you choose?

cool colors

If you open my wardrobe, you will see a plethora of blue colors – it is my favorite color. But I have lately come to realize that it is not the most suitable color for me. I have a warm skin tone, and for people with warm skin tones, the best color is ‘not’ blue!. It apparently does nothing to brighten up my face or make me look youthful or attractive – everything that I desire when I wear nice clothes.

According to the fashion experts Trinny and Susannah, who wrote the book “What you wear can change your life,” the people who suit blue have clear skin, dark eyes, and look good in all cool colors, including grey.

When compared to the opposite colors of the spectrum, warm colors, cool colors recede into the background, especially the bright shades. So choosing colors only from these shades can also be perceived as boring.

Cool colors can brighten up your features without overwhelming them if you choose the right combinations.

If you are looking for winter and spring fashion trends, look no futher than cool colors. Cool colors, such as shades of blue, green, and purple, have a strong presence in winter and spring fashion collections. 

How to wear cool colors and look your best – Best combinations with cool colors

Finding the right color combination for your fashion choices is the key here.

White and cool tones

White makes a good combination with most cool colors whereas black, not so much

Grey and cool colors look great together. Same case with silver. Silver looks good with almost all cool colors. Silver as a color combination for clothes or as accessories.

silver and teal

Using warm colors with cool colors

cool and warm colors

When a warm color or two is added to the cool color combination as an accent – as fashion accessory or an embellishment, they just pop out. Hot pinks can be paired with cool colors; yellow, when combined with an all-cool color ensemble, can really stand out. 

Tetradic color scheme
Tetradic color scheme

In the Tetradic color scheme on the basis of the color wheel, cool colors appear along with a warm color. Tertradic colors are colors that are evenly placed in the color wheel. This is also a nice mix, though as all the colors are bold they have to be balanced in a nice way.

Monochromatic combinations

monochromatic cool colors
Monochromatic color schemes

If you want a calm and harmonious effect, you can go for a monochrome color combination – a monochromatic color scheme involves selecting colors that lie adjacent to each other in the color wheel.

The above picture is that of three color combinations that are in the monochrome spectrum. They have a unifying effect.

Other good cool color combinations

Blue and green

Combining these 2 different cool colors can create stylish and harmonious outfits.

blue and green combination clothes

Purple and grey

purple and gray color combination in clothes

Suitability of cool colors according to skin color

Despite knowing that cool color clothes are not my best choice, I continue to buy more and more of them. They bring a sophistication and appeal to clothes that warm colors can try but never reach. Maybe I will come to my senses soon enough or learn to choose the right cool color for me. Here is how to.

Wearing cool colors if you have warm skin tone

If you have warm color skin tone, choose cool colors with warm undertones. These are cool blues with hints of green, teal, or turquoise, soft lavender and cool purples with pink undertones, deep jewel-toned cool colors, such as sapphire blue, emerald green, and royal purple

For individuals with cool undertones, almost all cool colors are fine. Pastel cool colors like baby blue, mint green, and soft lavender can be particularly flattering for cool undertones. Infact they look good mostly in cool colors, and not in warm colors.

Reference for colors:

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