Make your own knee ripped jeans  {without removing the white thread}

People rip their jeans for more reasons than one – Some wants to be seen as fashionable. Some wants to be included. Then some others have had enough of the same old boring jeans and is looking for someway to make it different. Some are plain jealous of the designer ripped jeans their friend bought for much more money than they have in their wallet right now or ever. Or  maybe you are the ‘born to be rebellious one’ who always does what their mother told not to ( I have this one at home who tried to rip her jeans when she was 12) or for simply the  latest  reason – Kanye west wore one for Met gala red carpet event!

It is wonderful to be able to buy an expensive super stylish ripped jeans ‘off the shelf’. But maybe you are like me – genetically programmed to DIY ( the kind who would DIY an Iphone if they could).

ripped jeans tutorial

I associated ripped jeans  as a New Gen trend. It is not. It is a trend which started in the 70s  that seems to have caught the imagination of people in a big way. All the punks and wannabe punks adopted the look of the worn, shredded ripped jeans as their own identity. Now every jeans lover has one or more or dreams of having one.


Making a ripped jeans

The first method is to be that person who is  so hardworking and so on your knees that your jeans developes natural holes – worn and ripped on their own from friction with the floor.  This was the way it was done originally. People just wore their jeans to shreds ; and the jeans took on beautifully natural rips and distresses.

You may want to try this and may be after sometime  you would even fit into that smaller sized jeans you have in your cupboard after all the hard work -for those not in favour of this easy way try the harder method described below

How to rip jeans and leave the white thread

It is easy to rip jeans – just use your sharp scissors to make cuts where you want them to be and put the jeans in the wash . The cut ends will fray naturally and you have a beautiful ripped jeans . Easy. But I like the look of jeans with the holes covered with white  thread remaining in the denim. Let us see how to do this easily

There are some tools necessary in your arsenal on your way to the perfect ripped jeans – a tweezer,sharp scissors, a seam ripper and some patience. It also helps to have foot file, sandpaper etc for distressing.Checkout this post on the 15 different ways to distress jeans.

distressed jeans

Start the work relaxed. You may ruin the jeans for good; having a relaxed mind helps, when this happens.

Step 1

how to rip jeans yourself

Get a pair of old jeans . You can try this on a brand new one if you are brave enough but I would prefer the ‘worn-many -times’ ‘washed-many-times-jeans’ for the whole distressed look to look true.

I have used a stretch jeans for this, so no problem with this. You can use stretch or non stretch. Some denim have black colour on the underside . I donot think it looks good. I think white thread is better. You be the judge on this for your jeans. A good quality denim jeans will look stylish when ripped but a bad quality one ‘may’ end up looking tacky.

Step 2

Wear it and see where you want the rips to be .

jeans ripped diy tutorial

Checkout the following photos for reference to decide where you can make the rips on.

ripped jeans diy tutorial

This last one is abused jeans and it ought to go to the court. But to each his own.

ripped jeans

Step 3

Take it off. Lay it out on the floor/ sewing table.

Fold the  jeans so that side seams lie stacked like the picture below

ripped jeans tutorial

Step 4

Make 3 cuts 1/2 inch apart parallel to each other on the area you have marked earlier ; a 2 inch long cut would do.

Step 5

Remove two or three horizontal threads from the cuts with a tweezers or seam ripper.

jeans ripped diy

Now prise the vertical threads ( blue ones) from these sections, carefully ( the white threads are quite delicate than the blue thread).

ripped knee jeans diy

It is easy to  pluck them with a tweezer. After the first few threads it becomes very easy.

jeans ripped at the knee diy

When the next section is also tackled  you will have a ripped jeans on your hands. Do the same steps for other cuts you have made.

how to make ripped knee jeans

You may want to cut off some of the stray loosened  threads or leave them as they are. 

Now that you have done your ripping and shredding you need to see to it that the holes will stay as they are and not rip further. You can iron a small piece of interfacing to the two edges of the cut to stop further ripping ( from the inside)

I have seen all kinds of ripped jeans – with three people almost living in jeans in our home – every ripped stuff is acceptable other than this one here. But if you like the look you can checkout the way to do it here 

So when you want to be seen as rebel/ubercool/fashionista you know what to do – take the blade to rip your jeans.

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